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Hanna Yusuf Died at 27, Hanna Yusuf Biography, age, cause of death, family, wealth, career and all about her

Hanna Yusuf Biography

Hanna Yusuf is a London-based broadcast journalist currently working as a reporter for the BBC News website. She previously worked as a TV producer for the BBC News Channel and the News at One. Prior to that Hanna was a researcher for BBC News at Six and Ten.

Hanna Yusuf Age

Hanna Yusuf was 27 years old.

Hanna Yusuf Background

Born in Somalia in 1992, Ms Yusuf grew up in the Netherlands, and received a Scott Trust bursary to do an MA in newspaper journalism at City, University of London in 2017, following her degree at Queen Mary, University of London.

Key Points About Hanna Yusuf

  • Hanna Yusuf, who defended the hijab as a ‘feminist statement’ has died aged 27
  • Colleagues paid tribute to a ‘talented young journalist’ and a ‘fierce friend’
  • Her family said they hoped her legacy ‘would serve as an inspiration’
  • Somali-born Ms Yusuf spoke six languages and had work published in several national newspapers and magazines before joining the BBC in 2017

Hanna Yusuf Wiki

BBC journalist Hanna Yusuf, who helped uncover Costa Coffee managers’ refusal to pay employee sick leave, and defended wearing the hijab as a ‘feminist statement’, has died suddenly aged just 27.

Her family said they were ‘deeply saddened and heartbroken’ and hoped her legacy ‘would serve as an inspiration’.

Ms Yusuf wrote for the BBC News website, had worked as a TV news producer, and had previously written for the Guardian, the Independent and the Times.

Born in Somalia in 1992 she spoke six languages, including Somali and Arabic, and had worked with whistleblowers and victims of serious crime.

Last year she told the story of Zaynab Hussein, a mother of nine who moved to Leicester in 2003 after escaping violence and instability in Somalia, who was a victim of a hate crime that left her with life-changing injuries after she was repeatedly run over by a 21-year-old stranger in the street.



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