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Award-Winning Polar Capital Manager: Guy Rushton Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Dejywan Floyd
Dejywan Floyd

Who was Guy Rushton?

Guy Rushton was an award-winning hedge fund manager who hanged himself after becoming stressed about the financial implications of coronavirus, an inquest has heard. He was found in a barn near his £3.5million Wiltshire home less than 2 weeks after he was discharged from a psychiatric hospital.

How old was Guy Rushton?

Guy Rushton, originally from Leeds, was 36 years old at the time of death.

Guy Rushton Wife

Rushton married his wife Alannah five years ago. The duo bought a £3.5million manor in the Wiltshire village of Alvediston, which came with 130 acres of land.

Guy Rushton Net Worth

Mr. Rushton worked at London-based asset management firm Polar Capital and was the sole manager of his UK Absolute Equity Fund. The £292million hedge fund he managed had lost around £180million in value due to the effect the global pandemic was having on the stock market, according to reports.

Guy Rushton Polar Capital

His company Polar Capital announced in April 2020 that he was unwell and his £292million fund – launched in 2014 when he joined the firm – would be wound up as he was unable to return to work, according to The Times. Mr. Rushton had become stressed and anxious as the fund had lost more than a third of its value – around £180million – as global stock markets took a huge hit due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But Mr. Rushton was found dead by police in a barn on the property, hours after being classified as missing on May 20.

Guy Rushton Autopsy

In a statement to the inquest, his wife said he ‘experienced high stress due to a number of factors, including that he was the sole manager of the fund and as such unable to take days off. He then found out he was suffering from raised blood pressure in October 2019.

Added to this, she said that Covid-19 hitting the headlines made him feel ‘uncertain about the future as he was anxious about the value of his own money invested in the fund’. Furthermore, Mrs. Rushton added that she was due to give birth in the second week of March 2020 and this made her husband even more anxious. She said: ‘Moving up to that period he was extremely stressed and not sleeping.’

Guy Rushton Mental Illness

He was prescribed anti-depressants but tried to take his own life in April 2020. His wife said: ‘He had referred to attempts on his life as rehearsals and said he would never actually kill himself.

‘At some point during this period Guy started talking openly to our eldest child about death and suicide and started saying goodbye to him.’

He voluntarily admitted himself to Green Lane psychiatric hospital in Devizes, Wiltshire, on May 5 but was discharged six days later.

Mrs. Rushton added that he was having ‘anger outbursts’ and ‘alluding to never being around’. She raised these concerns with the mental health services. The day before he died, Mr. Rushton transferred a ‘significant amount of money to his wife’s account then the next day he made her his legacy contact on Facebook.

Guy Rushton Death

Mr. Rushton went for a walk but did not come back. Police were called and they searched for him with a drone and a helicopter until he was found in a barn near the family home. Speaking over a video link at the inquest in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Mrs. Rushton’s brother Will Russell asked questions of mental health professionals who dealt with Mr. Rushton.

The family was concerned as to why he had been discharged from the psychiatric hospital and why he had not been detained at any point under the Mental Health Act, despite being classed as having a high risk of self-harm.

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