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Grace Millane Biography

Grace Emmie Rose Millane (2 December 1996 – 2 December 2018) Grace Millane was an English tourist whose disappearance in Auckland, New Zealand, in December 2018 sparked international attention. A 26-year-old man was charged with her murder on 8 December,[2] and her body was found in the nearby Waitakere Ranges the following day.

Grace Millane Background and Disappearance

Millane was born in Essex, England, on 2 December 1996.[3] She attended Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School and sixth form at St Thomas More High School,[4] and graduated from the University of Lincoln[5] with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing.

Millane was on a two-week stay in New Zealand after spending six weeks in South America.[5] She entered New Zealand on 20 November 2018 and travelled around the upper North Island.[6] She arrived in Auckland on 30 November.[6] At 9:00 pm on 1 December, she was seen on Victoria Street in Auckland’s central business district, and 15 minutes later she was seen via CCTV at SkyCity. She was last seen at 9:41 pm at the CityLife Hotel on Queen Street with a man who has since been charged with her murder.[5][7] It was widely reported that the pair had arranged to meet via a dating app but police did not comment further on this matter.

Grace Millane and Killer Tinder date CCTV Footage Viral

Smiling while hand-in-hand with the Tinder date accused of strangling her to death in his flat, this is the final chilling CCTV of British backpacker Grace Millane on the night she died in New Zealand last year.

The jury in Miss Millane’s murder trial has been shown video of her last hours alive with the 27-year-old man, who cannot be named, who insists she died during rough sex after a drunken night out.

Poignant footage from December 1 last year shows Grace taking a picture of a Christmas tree in Auckland  which she sent to her parents at home in Wickford, Essex, as she waited to meet the alleged killer for the first time – hugging him as he arrived.

After a night of drinking on the eve of her 22nd birthday, cameras captured them arriving at the CityLife hotel after being invited up by her alleged killer, who was living there.  Grace is then seen in the block’s lift before heading for room 308 –  the last time she was seen alive.

As well as being shown 30 minutes of CCTV footage, the jury was shown police forensic photos of the bedroom taken three days later, including the unmade bed and blood-splattered carpet strewn with dirty clothes.

Before her body was found contorted into a suitcase buried in the woods, the court heard police combed the hotel room for clues and took pictures.  One image shown to the jury features the white substance Luminol, which police scientists use to show swathes of blood on the carpet – revealing the room’s carpet was soaked with it.

Her parents Gill and David watched from the public gallery but Mrs Millane walked out of the courtroom in tears as graphic details were given of evidence detectives had found on the accused’s mobile phone, including intimate pictures of her naked body.

CCTV Footage Key Points

  • New Zealand Grace Millane murder trial shown heartbreaking CCTV of her last hours alive with alleged killer
  • Miss Millane took a picture of a Christmas tree in New Zealand, which she sent to her parents on December 1
  • Date arrives and they meet for the first time, hugging in an Auckland square before a night out in City of Sails 
  • After a night drinking and canoodling, final scene at 9.41pm shows couple arriving at alleged killer’s home  
  • Miss Millane told her best friend she had ‘clicked’ with the man in texts sent during the date on night she died
  • In early hours, her 22nd birthday, Grace allegedly strangled to death, photographed and hidden in suitcase
  • Jury also shown pictures of the bedroom where she was allegedly killed including blood-stained carpets
  • Defence claims the death, that occurred on either December 1 or December 2, was accident during rough sex 


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