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Who is NYC Bike Gang BMW Attack Teenager: Geovanni Valle Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Geovanni Valle Biography — Wiki

Geovanni Valle is a Queens boy who is arrested as part of the roving bike gang that trashed two cars in Manhattan and said Thursday that the allegations against him are “bulls–t,” insisting that he has an alibi — and that he doesn’t even own a bike.

Valle, who was picked up late Wednesday on charges of criminal mischief and rioting for the broad-daylight attacks, denied being involved when The Post caught up with him outside his Corona home, hours after his release from a juvenile detention center.

“I think it’s bulls–t,” said Valle. “I wasn’t even there!”

Geovanni Valle AGe

Geovanni Valle is 16 years old.

Geovanni Valle

Geovanni Valle said he was picking up a birthday gift for his mom at the Queens Center Mall around 4 p.m. Tuesday when dozens of bike-riding teens randomly assailed two vehicles along Fifth Avenue, first a yellow cab at 29th Street, then a BMW SUV at 21st Street.

“It was my mom’s birthday. I was shopping for her present, a sweater and shoes,” said Valle, who showed The Post a receipt for the mall’s Footaction shoe store with a timestamp of 3:49 p.m.

Valle said he showed the same receipt to the police, who were unconvinced.

“They said it doesn’t matter,” Valle recalled. “Other people said it was me [at the crime scene].”

The teen’s dad, Oscar Valle, said the police showed images of youth at the crime scene who they said was the youngest of his three sons.

“The police say for sure, he is the one!” said the elder Valle. But he noted that the boy in the picture was “much taller and very strong! My son is a skinny guy.”

Added Geovanni, holding the photo of the suspect up to his own face, “I don’t think it looks like me.”

Geovanni’s older brother, Johnathan, conceded that there was some resemblance. “It kinda looks like him, a little bit,” he said — while noting that there was another reason he didn’t think his kid brother was involved. “He doesn’t have a bike to do that.”

What we know so far about Geovanni Valle

Oscar said it was difficult seeing his son Velle arrested.

“I feel depressed seeing my kid put in handcuffs, treated like a criminal,” he said. “He’s only 15.”

Geovanni Valle said his only awareness of the wild attacks was seeing a video of it on social media.

“It’s crazy! I know people don’t have no life, they just do stuff like that,” he said. “I was watching it on Instagram. I didn’t think it was going to come back on me!”

Valle was released early Thursday from juvenile custody to await a virtual appearance in family court.

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