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Who is 7-year-old California Boy – Gavin Ludwick Wikipedia

Gavin Ludwick

Gavin Ludwick is a seven-year-old California boy who suffered a hole in his skull, going in a coma and suffering paralysis after an adult neighbor is said to have randomly attacked him by throwing a rock at his head, The U.S. Sun reports. The little boy was found lying near his California home.

Gavin will need months of intense rehabilitation, doctors say

Gavin Ludwick Attacked While Walking Home From a Pool Party

7-year-old Ludwick was on his way home after a pool party at a neighbor’s house four doors down from his family’s home in Desert Hot Springs when, authorities believe, 32-year-old Daniel Poulsen attacked him quite unprovoked with the rock.

One of the neighbors found the little man lying on the sidewalk.

Rather than being taken to his home, Gavin walked home by himself and was found lying face down on the ground by local resident Alturo Delgardo and taken to the family home; Kaylee, Gavin’s sister, opened the door.

The paramedics arrived and rushed him to Desert Regional Medical Centre before he was airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Centre where he was placed in intensive care.

Gavin Ludwick Injuries

Gavin’s mother, Wendy Ludwick, said she doesn’t know how her boy had been injured until the CCTV, which revealed Poulsen’s callous actions. She thought her boy had been hit by a car

Wendy revealed the swelling of his boy’s skull was getting worse by the minute.

Scans and x-rays showed the skull was shattered beyond repair and that doctors would be unable to save the bones, and that they would need to remove the fragments and replace them with a metal plate.

Gavil will need months of intense rehabilitation, doctors confirmed.

Wendy told the Sun that Gavin is getting better but unable to talk. He can now sit up by himself.

Gavin Ludwick GoFundMe

A GoFundMe page has raised over $60,000 for Gavin’s medical treatment.

Daniel Poulsen Under Investigations

Poulsen was allegedly arrested after an attempted murder, which CCTV appeared to show.

He stood on his porch after the attack, watching the child lying lifeless on the ground for 20 minutes.

Doctors are ordered to assess whether Poulsen, who has been found unfit to stand trial 11 times in the past, can be prosecuted for the savage attack, according to the Sun.

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