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Who is Suspended NHS Frontline Worker: Gary Oldershaw Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Gary Oldershaw
Gary Oldershaw

Who is Gary Oldershaw?

Gary Oldershaw is an NHS front line worker has spoken of his dismay after he was suspended from a hospital for telling Covid deniers on Facebook to follow government rules. He took to social media after a ‘tough’ 12-hour shift at Broomfield Hospital’s intensive care unit where he saw seven patients lose their lives.

He said he was reduced to tears for the first time in 30 years on the job after seeing young and healthy people dying at the hospital in Chelmsford, Essex.

How old is Gary Oldershaw?

Gary Oldershaw is 53 years old. He has worked for the NHS in various roles for more than 30 years.

NHS: Gary Oldershaw Suspended

Gary Oldershaw reportedly wrote a lengthy rant on January 4 after seeing a friend post-Covid conspiracy theories and begged: ‘Please, please listen and stay safe.’ The post continued to urge people to listen to medical and government advice and to ‘stay at home and look after yourselves.

But after an anonymous complaint was made about the content of his post, which included bad language, he was stunned to be told he had been suspended. Gary claims the Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust told him he had been axed for ‘bringing the trust into disrepute as he was due to start his shift on Feb.7.

He said he never mentioned where he worked and only offered the government’s own advice but admitted he could have avoided using such ‘colorful language’.

Gary Oldershaw Facebook

Gary wrote: ‘Peeps. I know a few of my friends on here are nonbelievers of the Covid crisis, but, let me just say this.

‘If ya bored during the lockdown, come down to Essex and shadow me at work.

‘As you know, I work as an ODP (Operating department practitioner) in a busy hospital dealing with all types of things within the operating department.

‘This Covid lark is all new to us. We used to go to work, assist with operations and go home, pleased with what we have achieved that day, knowing that we have done our bit to help people.

‘Now things are so different. This is not ‘the common cold or even the winter flu’.

‘This is real s***. I have seen fit, young people die in my arms. I have seen these people die whilst I’m compressing their chest to get life back.

‘Recently I have watched close colleagues go from wearing a face mask and within hours being put into a drug-induced coma because they are tired and just want to end it all. ‘It is extremely sad out there. For f*** sake. Listen to what medics and the government are telling us. Stay at home and please look after yourselves.

‘This is not fake. Hospitals are not empty. These pics that are going onto the media are pics of outpatients departments.

‘Please please listen and stay safe.

Gary Oldershaw Broomfield

Gary, who came out of semi-retirement to help treat coronavirus patients, has now vowed never to return to the hospital where he worked for 17 years. Gary, from St Osyth, Essex, said: ‘When I first got suspended I was doubting my own ability, I thought maybe I put a patient in danger or someone died on my watch.

‘It worried me for my days that I inadvertently killed someone. When I found out it was Facebook, it was just so ridiculous.

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