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COVID-Denying Conspiracy Theorist Dies of COVID: Gary Matthews Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Cause of Death, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Gary Matthews Biography, Wiki

Gary Matthews is best known as the Covid-denying conspiracy theorist who refused to wear a face mask and died a day after testing positive for the virus. Mr. Matthews, who exercised regularly, is understood to have told a local conspiracy theorist that he suffered from asthma – though his family said they were not aware of his condition and suggested he may have kept an inhaler on him to exempt himself from wearing a mask.

Mr. Matthews’ cousin Tristan Copeland said he had begged him to wear a mask and maintain social distance.

Gary Matthews COVID: Death & Cause of Death

Gary Matthews had been ill for around a week before testing positive for coronavirus on January 12. He was in isolation when he passed away at his home in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, on January 13. He died alone in his flat in Shrewsbury, Shropshire the next evening, according to the Guardian.

It is not known exactly how the “kind but shy” painter caught the virus, but according to his family, he did not wear a mask or adhere to safety measures and continued to meet with friends after falling for wild covid conspiracy theories online.

His heartbroken family insists that he did not believe Covid-19 was real, and would not adhere to government pandemic measures.

Gary Matthews Shrewsbury

The case was highlighted on Saturday in The Guardian, in which Mr. Copeland said his cousin’s life had been “endangered by a flood of fake news”.

“He tested positive and he was told to go home and isolate, which he did, and I think he died the next morning.”

Gary Matthews Instagram

His Instagram profile shows he was a talented portrait artist, creating portraits of famous faces from film and music like Roger Moore after he took up painting in later life, attending the University of Wolverhampton’s Fine Art painting course.

In a profile on a local art group, he said: “I have been an avid drawer from a young age.  From early on drawing for me was a means of telling stories as much as writing.

“I am drawn to images in painting and photography that capture the moment; that utilizes lighting and color to convey a mood or atmosphere.”

Gary Matthews Twitter

His Twitter profile shows how he regularly shared anti-lockdown messages, calling Professor Chris Whitty “Dr Death” for suggesting tougher rules over Christmas.

His last retweets include Talk Radio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer calling for a “reality check” that most people in the UK don’t know someone who died of the virus, and Mark Dolan’s return to the same station after he cut up a facemask on a live stream.

Gary Matthews Facebook

Just weeks before his death he liked a post from Brexit Alliance London assembly member David Kurten saying: “Show your face, Meet your friends, Hug other people, Go where you want, Disobey tyrants #FightBackBetter.”

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