Who is Hero New York Subway Driver: Everything You Need To Know About Garrett Goble

Garrett Goble Biography – Wiki

Garrett Goble (born in 1984) is identified as a New York City subway driver who has been killed trying to save the lives of passengers from a deadly fire that ripped on the train, set by an arsonist, according to reports.

He was 36 years old at the time of death.

Garrett Goble Personal Life

The 36-year-old got married to his beautiful wife, Delilah Rodriguez, only two years ago.

“I’ve known him all his life. He was a good son, an excellent father and a great husband.”, Goble’s Brooklyn neighbor told the New York Daily News.

Breaking News: Fire Ripped Through The Train in NYC

The fire took place as the train arrived at the 110th Street station in Harlem, close to Central Park, at about 3:15 am. A transit worker reportedly spotted smoke in the second car of the train cars.

The fire originated from a shopping cart in the train car that also reportedly contained accelerant.

At the scene, three other fires were reported in trashcans on platforms and above ground at 86th Street, 96th Street and 116th Street stations. which are reportedly near the 110th Street station.

Garrett Goble Killed Trying To Save Passengers From Fire

According to New York Police, Goble started assisting the passengers to  safety platform before wandering into the smoke-filled tunnel.

Later, his body was found lying on the tracks. He was rushed to the Mount Sinai Hospital, where he could not survive.

He is the third MTA driver to have died within the past two days.

Investigation Reports

“We are investigating it as a criminal matter”, McGee said.

The New York Daily News reported police have taken a suspect for the arson into custody.

Arriving firemen to the scene were met with passengers rushing out of the train cars  and away from the smoke.

Nine other people were also hurt during the fire, according to reports.


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