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What You Don’t Know About Murdered Brazilian Woman: Gabriela Lima Santana Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Gabriela Lima Santana
Gabriela Lima Santana

Who was Gabriela Lima Santana?

Gabriela Lima Santana was a Brazilian woman who was reportedly filmed being murdered, cutting up the body and packing the body parts into a suitcase, which was later discovered in a drainage ditch after her arm floated to the surface. A notorious gang allegedly filmed the murder.

How old was Gabriela Lima Santana?

Gabriela Lima Santana was 21 years old at the time of death.

Gabriela Lima Santana Missing

Gabriela Lima Santana was reported missing on March 13, 2021, but was presumed to have vanished much earlier. Municipal employees in Capao da Canoa found her remains when removing garbage from on ditch with an excavator.

Gabriela Lima Santana Found

It was reported that one of Santana’s arms fell out of the suitcase when a worker used the heavy machine to lift luggage. Her limb sank to the bottom of the pool and floated to the surface. Forensics experts recovered her head, torso, legs and another arm from the suitcase.

Investigators found saws and knives along with the body parts and these are suspected to have been used to amputate the young woman.

Additionally, the suitcase had rocks that were used to make it sink.

Gabriela Lima Santana Video

Santana’s fingerprints and the distinctive tattoos on her body, one of which was reportedly affiliated with a local gang, were used to identify her.

After the grisly finding, the investigators probed a creepy video they had received two weeks ago on March 1, in which a woman was filmed being hacked inside a bathroom by a smiling killer. Police believe that the woman in this video is Santana.

Who Killed Gabriela Lima Santana?

It is not clear how the police received the horrendous video, but they have arrested two suspects — a 49-year-old man who was seen in the footage and a 23-year-old man who allegedly filmed the video. The police are still on the hunt for at least two other suspects in the case.

The reason behind the heinous murder is still not revealed.

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