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Who is Nova Scotia Shooting Suspect: Gabriel Wortman Wikipedia

Gabriel Wortman Biography – Wiki

Gabriel Wortman is identified as the shooting suspect who was gunman at the Nova Scotia shooting on Saturday night. He reportedly shot several people before the Royal Canadian Mounted Police took him into custody. He is described as a white man with bald head, having a height of 6’2″ – 6’3″ and green eyes.

According to the Nova Scotia RCMP, he appeared to have been armed and dangerous to the people. He is 51 years old.

Nova Scotia Shooting News

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has reported shooting in Nova Scotia on Sunday in which a man they said shot several people on Saturday night.

The authorities reportedly responded to reports of a shooting about 10:30 p.m. in the small rural community of Portapique.

Police Spokeswoman Lisa Croteau reported on Sunday that the shooting resulted in multiple victims.

After investigations, the gunman was identified as 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman, who was taken into custody just before 11 a.m. on Sunday.

Gabriel Wortman Shoots Multiple People in Nova Scotia

During the manhunt, the authorities warned residents about Mr. Wortman. They have warned residents to avoid Highway 4 near Hidden Hilltop Campground.

“He is considered armed and dangerous. We are asking the public if you see him, not to approach”, Corporal Croteau tweeted.

At first, the authorities thought that he might have been driving what appeared to be an R.C.M.P. vehicle and wearing an R.C.M.P. uniform.

According to the authorities, one difference between his car and official police vehicles was the car’s number, which was 28B11, on the rear passenger window.

Gabriel Wortman Wanted

In search for Wortman, he is described as a bald man with green eyes, having a height of 6’2″ – 6’3″. If any resident seeks any information about him, call 911.

Gabriel Wortman Arrested

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia took Wortman into custody on Sunday after the mass shooting in Nova Scotia.

Before his arrest, The Nova Scotia RCMP announced an “active shooter situation” near Portapique, N.S. which is located approximately 30 minutes west of Truro, N.S.

Who actually is Gabriel Wortman?

Wortman is the owner of the Atlantic Denture Clinic at 193 Portland Street in Dartmouth, N.S. According to Nova Scotia property records, the same man who owns the Atlantic Denture Clinic owns three properties in Portapique, N.S.

Police first reported the incident Saturday night just after 11:30 p.m., saying they’d responded to a firearms complaint in the area of Portapique Beach Road, Bay Shore Road and Five Houses Road. Just after 8 a.m., they were advising residents to remain on lockdown and stay away from the area bordered by those three roads and the No. 2 Hwy. the police but we are there with you”. read a tweet issued from the Nova Scotia RCMP Twitter account.

Shooting Injuries, Deaths and Motive

The number of injuries or deaths and the motive for shooting is still unclear.

The last update provided by the RCMP had the 51-year-old travelling southbound on Highway 102 in a silver Cheverolet Tracker that was last spotted in Milford, N.S.


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