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Who is Freelance Art Director – Frank Fuhrmeister Wikipedia

Frank Fuhrmeister

Frank Fuhrmeister appears to be a freelance art director who was reportedly charged with rioting and possession of a graffiti instrument, Fox News reported.

30-year-old Frank Fuhrmeister

Fuhrmeister graduated in Fine/Studio Arts, General from Florida State College at Jacksonville. In February 2013, he also issued for Apple Certified Technician and go it, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The freelance art director is the art director who’s designed ads for Joe Coffee and has also worked for Pepsi, Samsung, and The Glenlivet, among other high-profile brands.

He has been a designer for for the month, January 2019. He was a art designer for VMG Creative for the month, February 2019. He has also spent time being an art designer for Pulse Creative for August 2019.

His most recent address is a stately home on Reed Island Drive in the city’s tony Beacon Hills and Harbour Neighborhood, public records show.

Fuhrmeister’s portfolio is private but he has a profile available on different platforms, such as Medium, 500px, CreativeMornings, WorkinNotWorking, GitHub, Dribble, and many more.

Frank Fuhrmeister BUSTED For Rioting

The so-called revolutionaries who were busted for rioting at a New Afrikan Black Panther Party rally took a break from their yacht club lives and modeling careers to be a part of the mayhem.

Fuhrmeister, who was one of them, had their mugshots tweeted out by the NYPD early Wednesday, days after their arrests for smashing storefront windows in the Flatiron District.

Fuhrmeister, who lives in Stuyvesant Heights, was cuffed during a protest organized by the Panthers and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement groups condemning the death of Daniel Prude.

Frank Fuhrmeister Under Investigation

Calls to Fuhrmeister went unreturned.

The group chanted as it moved up Lafayette Street on Friday, smashing windows and racking up what police say is at least $100,000 in damages during a three-hour rampage.

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