Who is Spanish Soccer Youth Coach: Everything You Need To Know About Francisco Garcia

Francisco Garcia Biography – Wiki

Francisco Garcia is identified as a Spanish soccer youth coach who had served as Malaga-based club Atletico Portada Alta’s youth team manager since 2016. He has reportedly been announced dead after the news broke out that he had the coronavirus and a previously unknown diagnosis of leukemia. At the time of his admittance, it was reported that he was suffering from an “aggressive” form of cancer.

He was 21 years old at the time of death.

Francisco Garcia Best Known For

The young star was best known for being Spanish soccer youth coach of the junior team of Malaga-based club Atletico Portada Alta.

Francisco Garcia Death News

Garcia was pronounced dead on Sunday. He is considered to be the youngest Spanish citizen to have died from the coronavirus pandemic.

Francisco Garcia Cause of Death

The 21-year-old had a bad condition which was then revealed to be a form of leukemia.

The leukemia was only discovered while he was in hospital receiving care after showing symptoms of the coronavirus, which Garcia was more susceptible to because of the preexisting condition.

“We are still in a state of shock. They called me at 7 p.m. on Sunday saying that he was stabilized after they had admitted him on Friday. And an hour later …”, Pep Bueno, the team’s president, told the newspaper.

A club statement says: ”

“From Atletico Portada Alta we want to express our most profound condolences to the family and friends of our coach Francisco Garcia who has unfortunately left us today. What will we do without you now, Francis? You were always there with us at Portada or wherever we needed you, helping. How are we going to continue to conquer kilometres in the league? We don’t know how but for sure, we will do so for you. We will never forget you”.

Spanish team Malaga FC paid tribute to Garcia sharing a tweet in Twitter:

“On behalf of the club we want to transmit to Atletico Portada Alta our most sincere condolences for the loss of one of their coaches, Francisco Garcia, and send our warmest wishes to his family and friends. Between all of us we must stop the COVID-19”.


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