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Who is CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski’s Daughter: Francesca Kaczynski Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Family, Obituary, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Francesca Kaczynski Biography — Wiki

Francesca Kaczynski is the daughter of CNN political reporter Andrew Kaczynski and Wall Street Journal journalist Rachel Louise Ensign, are in mourning over the death of their nine-month-old daughter, Francesca, who died on Christmas Eve following a battle with cancer.

Andrew posted the tragic news about their baby girl on Twitter.

‘We’re heartbroken to have to announce our beautiful daughter Francesca passed away last night in the arms of her mom and dad. There will always be a Bean-sized hole in our hearts for her. We’re so grateful to have known her love. Francesca, we love you,’ he tweeted.

Francesca Kaczynski Age

Francesca Kaczynski was 9 months old at the time of death.

Francesca Kaczynski Obituary: Death and Cause of Death

Little Francesca ‘Bean’ Kaczynski was diagnosed with an ‘extremely rare and very aggressive rhabdoid brain tumor in September.

‘Francesca is the strongest person and most resilient person,’ he wrote on September 12th. ‘Less than a week ago she had two brain surgeries and she’s already at home and smiling. I’m confident she will fight this.’

Sadly, after undergoing brain surgery, she suffered complications and developed meningitis.

Things didn’t seem to improve and she then was faced with a fungal infection as a result of complications from chemotherapy and subsequently placed onto a ventilator and life support.  On Christmas Eve, Kaczynski tweeted a plea for prayers.

‘If anyone can spare a pray for our Bean this Christmas, would just ask they include Francesca in their thoughts and hope for a Christmas miracle for our family.’

Hours later, the infant had passed away. Kaczynski posted an obituary to Twitter and a more length tribute to his child to Medium.

‘In her short life, Francesca was an outgoing, bold and curious baby. She had huge, deep brown eyes that followed whatever her parents were doing. She loved eating and being held close, particularly in the evenings. A Brooklyn-based Sesame Street fan, Francesca enjoyed taking long walks around New York City and Boston, playing with her toys and balloons, attending speech therapy, and ‘petting’ (i.e. grabbing) her cat Ryland.’

The couple added: ‘One of her favorite activities was to practice rolling in her crib from side to side. She loved seeing her parents, Andrew Kaczynski and Rachel Ensign, and greeting them with the world’s biggest smile and an exciting kick when she woke up from a nap. Her many smiles sent a thrill through the world. She was so generous with them, even when most of the smiles back were covered by masks and even when she faced challenges that would scare an adult, like a cancer diagnosis…’

The parents said that the child ‘showed her parents a kind of love they never knew before and they will never forget it.’

Kaczynski and Ensign also praised the staff at Boston Children’s Hospital, where Francesca was treated.

‘Doctors and nurses would gasp with joy when they saw her smile as they entered her room,’ they wrote.

‘She adored music therapy and had some of her first big laughs playing with a balloon of Elmo, her favorite Sesame Street character, from the hospital gift shop during occupational therapy. On Halloween, she dressed up with her nurses in a homemade Pasta Fagioli costume.’

Tribute Paid To Francesca Kaczynski

A number of stars and journalists offered up their own messages of condolence following the youngster’s death.

‘Heartbreakingly beautiful obituary. I am so sorry. God Bless you and Rachel,’ tweeted actress Valerie Bertinelli.

‘Oh no. Andrew, I am so deeply sorry,’ wrote actress Mia Farrow.

‘All my sympathies, while knowing that all the world’s sympathy is wholly inadequate for such a loss,’ wrote New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff.

‘We are so terribly sorry, Andrew, and we are #TeamBeans forever,’ said Today show host Willie Geist.

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