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Teen Girl Fatally Shot By Oklahoma Cops’: Farrah Rauch Biography, Wiki, Age, Funeral, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and More

Farrah Rauch
Farrah Rauch

Who was Farrah Rauch?

Farrah Rauch was a Nebraska teen girl who reportedly was shot to death in Muskogee on February 28 after she fired at officers while running from an attempted carjacking, police said. Her 17-year-old boyfriend Joseph Dugan shot himself at the scene.

An Oklahoma police chief spoke at the funeral of Rauch’s after he was invited to the memorial by the girl’s parents. Chief Johnny Teehee of Muskogee, Oklahoma, spoke about forgiveness at the funeral of Farrah Rauch in Blair, Nebraska, on Wednesday.

Four officers have been placed on routine administrative leave while the shooting is being investigated.

How old was Farrah Rauch?

Farrah Rauch was 17 years old at the time of death.

Death: Farrah Rauch Shooting

Rauch and Joseph Dugan, both runaways from Nebraska, were identified by their former school – Blair High School – in a letter to parents, as the teens killed in the shootout. Muskogee Police said in a press release that officers were initially called in the afternoon of March 1 to a report of an attempted carjacking.

After spotting the stolen truck, a short chase ensued until the vehicle crashed, police said. Footage released by the Muskogee Police Department shows cops traveling at speeds above 90 mph to catch up with the truck as it barrels down the road with a flat tire.

Cops were briefly able to block the truck in front of a gas station before it maneuvered around them and continued the chase at lower speeds.

Eventually, the video shows the truck stop and the two suspects, both armed, jump out and begin running.

‘Stop! I’m going to tase you!’ a cop screams as he chases after Rauch and pulls out his yellow taser. Rauch starts firing at an officer, who drops to the ground and yells: ‘Shots fired.’ The cop then pulls out his gun and shoots 12 shots before he gets up and continues pursuit, video shows.

‘Drop the gun,’ the officer tells the suspect, who is not seen on camera before blood is seen on his own hands and other officers continue the pursuit.

‘She has fired twice at me,’ the cop says as he catches up with his colleagues.

Another officer yell ‘show us your hands, drop the gun’ before a volley of gunfire is heard in the video.

Farrah Rauch Footage

Footage from another officer’s body camera shows Rauch lying on the ground near a wooded area off the road as she points the gun at officers. Rauch then started firing at officers who returned fire, killing her, police spokeswoman Lynn Hamlin told KRJH-TV.

Police believe the teens were in a romantic relationship, Teehee said, and were reported missing on Thursday, February 25. They got to Oklahoma on March 1.  Police say the girl was shot and killed a few blocks from where the vehicle crashed.

Drone footage released by cops shows officers locating the boy in a heavily wooded area nearby. As officers approached, they say he shot himself.

Farrah Rauch Funeral

Teehee hugged Rauch’s father as he walked to the lectern of a church in Blair where he said he had never been invited to speak at a victim’s funeral in his 35-year law enforcement career. Rauch’s father also invited the four officers to the funeral, but Teehee said they ‘didn’t think they were ready to do this.’

‘They said, ‘Chief, I’m not going to be able to do this, but will you let this family know that I love them, and we hold no ill will?’,’ Teehee said.

‘What is the message that we can take from this young life, that we can carry on from this point on and revert back to that?’ Teehee asked.

‘To me that message is forgiveness.’

Steven Rauch said he spoke with Teehee after the death of his daughter.

Farrah Rauch Obituary

Rauch told those attending the funeral that his daughter ‘touched many hearts’ but was in a ‘dark cycle’ when she was shot, the Omaha World-Herald reported.  ‘She always did everything to the fullest, and unfortunately, she took to the dark side and she got caught up in that,’ he said, according to the outlet.

He continued: ‘I think she couldn’t break that insanity cycle of doing the same thing over and over again.’

The grieving father said officers were doing their jobs, they’re in pain and they had no idea that they (the suspects in the shootout) were even teens,’ according to the outlet. The 17-year-old high school junior was shot and killed by police after the couple led authorities on a chase during a failed carjacking.

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