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Who is Hero Capitol Police Officer: Eugene Goodman Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Eugene Goodman Biography — Wiki

Eugene Goodman has been hailed as the hero Capitol cop who led MAGA mob rioters away from the Senate, has said he now fears he has become a target for right-wing extremists but has vowed he would ‘do the same thing again’.

Friends and coworkers of Capitol Police Officer Goodman have spoken out to praise his ability to ‘think on [his] feet’ and reveal that he humbly told them he was just doing his job to ‘protect and serve’ as he faced off with the rioters alone inside the US Capitol.

Goodman has been hailed a hero for his part in protecting lawmakers from the violent pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol last Wednesday.

Eugene Goodman Age

Eugene Goodman is 40 years old.

Eugene Goodman fears he has become a target now for right-wing extremists

Footage shows the black cop single-handedly leading the mob of largely white men, including white supremacists and Proud Boys, in the direction away from the Senate doors moments before they were locked.

Eugene Goodman’s friends who have spoken with him in the days after the riot, including two fellow officers and a former colleague, told the Washington Post he is now fearful he will be a target for far-right extremists in the wake of his heroic actions.

They said Goodman, who has not spoken out since the incident and is described as private and reserved, is finding the limelight ‘a little scary’. He said he’d do the same thing again. He’s not looking for any accolades,’ an anonymous friend and fellow Capitol cop told the Post.

Goodman has reportedly downplayed his label as a hero telling his colleagues he was just doing his job after footage of the incident was circulated worldwide.

‘My job is to protect and serve,’ he reportedly told them.

‘And on that day, I was protecting.’

Eugene Goodman credited by people

Goodman’s colleague credited his actions, which is thought to have happened while the Senate doors were still unlocked, with ensuring the lawmakers were able to flee to safety before the mob broke into the chamber.

‘He was diverting people from getting on the Senate floor and getting hostages. It was the smartest thing that he could have ever done,’ his colleague said.

‘I don’t know that many people who can think on their feet like that… His quick thinking enabled those Senators to get to safety.’

Another friend said Goodman’s ‘quick thinking’ in what was a moment of national crisis comes from his military background.

What we know so far about Eugene Goodman

Eugene Goodman, from Southeast Washington, served in the US Army from 2002 to 2006.

He was deployed to Iraq as part of the 101st Airborne Division and was awarded a combat infantryman badge. Terry told the Post Goodman has often struggled as a black cop, telling him he is ‘too black for the badge, but too blue for the brothers.’

Meanwhile, Goodman’s heroic actions as a lone black cop against a white angry mob come as it has now emerged that among the rioters were several white supremacists, members of hate group the Proud Boys and people waving Confederate flags.

At one point, Goodman is seen gently pushing the man leading the mob, Doug Jensen, 41, of Des Moines, Iowa, with his baton as Jensen looks toward the unlocked Senate doors.  This appears to cause Jensen to follow him instead of head to the doors where lawmakers were at risk of attack.

Goodman was hailed a hero after the footage, filmed by Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic, circulated showing him trying to fend off the mob led. Armed only with a baton, Goodman is seen alone facing off with dozens of rioters headed up by Jensen, who was wearing a QAnon hoodie and shouting.

Goodman backs away from the mob then lightly pushes Jensen, who then follows him up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, the cop is seen glancing left to where the doors lead straight to the Senate.

It’s unclear if Goodman knew the door was unlocked at the time but his actions stopped the mob from getting into the Senate floor while the lawmakers were there, allowing crucial moments for them to be evacuated.

Eugene Goodman to be awarded

Calls are mounting for Goodman to be awarded the Medal of Valor or Medal of Honor for his actions.

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