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Texas Woman Kills Another Elder Woman in Gang Revenge Killing

Emma Presler

Emma Presler is an 18-year-old Texas woman who was arrested for shooting to death a 20-year-old woman with cerebral palsy while the victim was asleep, the Daily Mail reports.

Court records do not list an attorney who could speak on Presler’s behalf

Presler is reportedly accused of joining multiple other assailants in shooting Sierra Rhodd to death as she slept at about 11 pm on Sunday night. She was charged and arrested in Harris County on Monday.

Emma Presler and Gang Revenge Killing

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, an 18-year-old woman has been charged over the shooting death of 20-year-old Sierra Rhodd, who was sleeping in her bed Sunday night.

According to ABC 13, a group of people has been out to get the 15-year-old brother for months; they have threatened the Texas family repeatedly since March.

The bloody assault was allegedly part of a vicious retaliation plot that Presler and her co-conspirators cooked up.

The younger brother was in fact at home and also asleep when the Texas woman joined the members of her gang in allegedly shooting the hail of bullets into the home, The U.S. Sun reported.

“One moment she was there and the next she was gone”, Rhodd’s father said.

Local cops arrived at the incident when heard dozens of gunshots late Sunday outside Rhodd’s home near Houston. Rhodd was struck by the gunshots that went through her bedroom window.

Pictured: 20-year-old Sierra Rhodd

Rhodd was discovered with cerebral palsy dead.

Emma Presler’s Death Under Investigation

Investigators believe that the shooters fled in a number of vehicles, one of which was stolen.

They also discovered several shell casings from multiple weapons in the street and in front of the home.

Harris County confirmed Presler’s parents and younger brother were not wounded

One of the other members of the murderous group has apparently been arrested as well.

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