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Child Killed By Schizophrenic Albanian Woman: Emily Jones Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Killing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Emily Jones Biography — Wiki

Emily Jones was an Albanian child whose throat was slit by a paranoid schizophrenic woman Eltiona Skana in a random park attack on Mother’s Day. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for the manslaughter of Emily in Bolton and had been told she could not be considered for parole for at least eight years.

But on Monday that minimum period was upped to 10 years and eight months after a judge admitted he had made a mistake.

Emily Jones Age

Emily Jones was 7 years old at the time of death.

Emily Jones Killing

Emily had visited the park with her father Mark Jones and mother Sarah Barnes, who are separated, on March 22, this year. The court heard how Emily had spotted her mother, who was jogging around the park, and rode towards and called out to her.

But Emily’s route took her past Skana, who was sat on a bench and armed with a craft knife. The knife was one of a pack of three she had bought earlier that day. Skana stood up as Emily went past on her scooter, grabbed her in a headlock and in ‘one movement slit her throat’ before throwing her to the ground.

The killer ran off but a brave passer-by, Tony Canty, caught up with her and knocked her to the ground. He sat on her until police arrived and with Skana ‘babbling’ about ‘injections’, the ‘Home Office’ and ‘pigs’.

Eltiona Skana attended the hearing via video-link from high-security Rampton Hospital where she is a patient under the Mental Health Act.

The judge had previously ruled that despite her mental illness Skana retained ‘a significant amount of responsibility’, which merited punishment by him passing not a hospital order but a ‘hybrid’ order, meaning the defendant will go to prison for the remainder of her sentence if her condition improves sufficiently.

Emily Jones Reddit

Skana got up from a bench and randomly attacked Emily as she went past on a scooter calling out ‘Mummy! Mummy!’ to her mother jogging around Queen’s Park, Bolton on March 22.

What we know so far

The Albanian national had a long history of mental illness and had not been taking her anti-psychotic medication.

She admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Emily’s family members described the 7-year-old’s killing as ‘monstrous’. They also paid tribute to their ‘beautiful, spirited little girl’.

Skana had pleaded guilty at an earlier court appearance to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility – a type of legal defence which centres around whether a defendant had proper mental capacity at the time of the offence. A murder conviction was earlier withdrawn by prosecutors, who felt there was no realistic of the prospect of a conviction against Skana – an incurable paranoid schizophrenic.

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