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Who is Mysterious ‘Tech Queen: Emese Fajk Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Emese Fajk Biography — Wiki

Emese Fajk is a cybersecurity expert who is reportedly accused of failing to stump up the money after placing the winning bid on Tam and Jimmy’s $4.2million home on The Block has hit back in a late-night Instagram rant. Fajk was the mystery buyer who snapped up the Brisbane-based couple’s winning property last month. Ms. Fajk presented receipts of bank transfers indicating the money for the home had gone through, but the large sum never reached Channel Nine’s bank accounts.

Fajk’s LinkedIn profile claims she has a degree in Behavioural Science from the University of West London.  But the prestigious university revealed they had not given an award to anyone by the name of Emese Falk.

Emese Fajk Age

Emese Fajk is 28 years old.

Emese Fajk blames an ‘incompetent lawyer’ for her failure to pay for Jim and Tammy’s $4.2M home

The settlement date for the Brighton property, which fetched $4.256 million on auction day at a profit of $966,000, was on Monday, and the original contract is now void. Tam and Jimmy choked back tears as they told A Current Affair how they’d been left blindsided by the strange turn of events.

But Emese Fajk has now taken to social media to vehemently deny claims she hasn’t handed over the money, and instead blamed her conveyancer – a specialist lawyer that helps with property sales – for the bungle.

‘When people I don’t know try to dig into my life, that has been locked down and sealed, and everyone I professionally or academically come into contact with, knows not to engage and share info, I feel like it needs to be said: ‘BACK THE F*** OFF’,’ Fajk wrote.

The Hungarian-born tech expert shared a form she apparently received from property company PEXA, saying she owed $4,072,950 on December 16 – five days before the December 21 settlement date.  The document appeared to indicate it was created and sent to her on December 17 – a day after the payment was due.

‘I’m not a magician. If things are due after I get a form, I can’t make them happen,’ she said.

Ms. Fajk then filmed an Instagram video saying she made a mistake by hiring a conveyancer rather than a solicitor as he made her ‘work out’ her own stamp duty

‘Mistake number two – going with [the conveyancer’s] super slow process, where I had to chase things up constantly,’ she told her 2,000 followers.

‘I didn’t get really important pieces of info until they were overdue. Whenever I had a question or an issue it took days to get an answer. Everything just took too long and I didn’t know the process myself.’

Ms. Fajk said in hindsight she should have turned to another property professional, but wanted to get the process over and done with.

‘Also, we were at the halfway point to settlement and it just wasn’t possible to get someone new on board,’ she said.

‘I looked into it and it just was not feasible. I reached out to people behind The Block and we agreed we would do our best to work it out.

‘I spent a day trying to fix mistakes caused by other peoples’ incompetence, throughout the day I spoke to multiple people and did my best to keep things peaceful and get everything sorted and settled.’

The 28-year-old, who spent time living in London and New York before moving to Ballarat, said she would never have turned up at the hit tv show’s auction day if she had planned to withhold her money.

‘I don’t know that anyone would go [on the show] if they didn’t think they could buy a house because everyone knows the publicity that comes with it,’ she said.

Earlier in the night, Emese Fajk claimed she had been ‘thrown under the bus’. ‘I didn’t get forms in time that I needed to sign, I had to find crucial information on my own, even though I paid someone else to make sure there are no hiccups,’ she wrote on Facebook.

‘I still believe there is a happy ending here somewhere for everyone involved.’

When confronted by Nine reporter Alison Piotrowski, Emese Fajk insisted she had paid the deposit for the property and had receipts to prove it.

‘I don’t know what happened, I’ve paid for everything,’ she said. ‘I’m trying to find out what’s going on,’ she claimed.

What we know so far about Emese Fajk

Jimmy told ACA that he has no idea what’s going to happen moving forward.

‘It’s something no one ever saw coming, no one ever expected, but it’s something we now have to deal with,’ he said.

An emotional Tam said Ms. Fajk even went to the couple’s house to watch the final episode, and celebrate over a bottle of wine. ‘She actually cried with us when the result came over, it was like we knew her as a friend and we welcomed her into our family as a friend,’ Tam told ACA.

Tam said the disastrous outcome has tainted her and Jimmy’s experience on the hit TV show.’This was meant to be something huge for us and now it’s just horrible,’ she said. ‘Why us? Why did she choose us to do this too? I honestly have no idea, I don’t get it. It’s really bizarre.’

Jimmy said the payment process has been ‘strung along’ leading up to the settlement date, which was yesterday.

‘[There were] no signs whatsoever that she was not going to buy the house,’ he said.

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