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What Killed Ella French? What You Don’t Know About Chicago Cop: Biography Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Ella French
Ella French

Who was Ella French?

Ella French has been named as the Chicago Police Department (CPD) cop who was reportedly shot to death during a violent traffic stop in Chicago on August 7. Ella has announced dead at the time while another unidentified officer was seriously injured after three suspects opened fire on the duo, leading to a gun battle.

In an undated photo posted on Twitter, Chicago Police Officer Ella French is equipped with everything that should have protected her on Saturday night. She is wearing a safety vest.

She has a police radio attached to her uniform so she can call for backup.

She has her gun strapped to her waist.

How old was Ella French?

Ella French was 29 years old at the time of death.

Ella French Wiki, Bio

The Chicago veteran joined the CPD in April 2018 and was working on the Community Safety Team.

Her brother Andrew, an Iraqi war veteran described French as “a person of integrity” who “always believed in people and believed in doing the right thing.” Andrew told The Chicago Tribune, “She was a humanitarian. She believed in human rights. She was one of the officers on the force that thought they needed reform.”

According to him, she loved to travel and did so frequently with their mother.

They went on trips as frequently as 3-4 times a year, he revealed.

Ella French Husband, Family

“Because she’s seen the front line, just like I have. She’s always been a very caring person … When I was in Iraq, me and her, we talked. And she has some attributes that you don’t find in this world anymore.”

He also called her “the epitome of a good Samaritan.”

It is believed French lived in the Galewood neighborhood until recently. A person who used to live nearby described her as a courteous and “very respectful” neighbor who usually kept to herself.

Records indicate she recently moved to the Parkview neighborhood, where she purchased a home.

Officer Ella French Baby

The Sun reported French had “just returned to work following maternity leave after giving birth to a baby daughter.” We could not confirm this fact, or find out more about her. French doesn’t appear to have a public Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram profile. Brown too refused to provide further details, at the request of French’s mother.

French’s partner, who was also shot at during the stop is currently in critical condition.

The police did not identify the officer, but said he was a six-year veteran who was “fighting for his life”.

Who Shot Ella French Police Officer?

Officer French was shot and killed in the West Englewood neighborhood on the South Side about 9 p.m. on Saturday while making an apparently routine traffic stop. Another officer was shot, as well.

He is fighting for his life, as we write this, in a hospital intensive care unit.

Andrew French said his younger sister always thought of others before herself.

“My sister’s always been a person of integrity. She’s always done the right thing even when nobody’s looking. She’s always believed in people and believed in doing the right thing. …”

“She’s always believed in taking care of people that can’t take care of themselves,” he said.

Ella French Suspects

The shooting happened just after 9 p.m. Saturday near West 63rd Street and South Bell Avenue when the officers conducted a traffic stop on three people in a vehicle, First Deputy police Superintendent Eric Carter said.

During the stop, someone opened fire on the officers and at least one officer returned fire, Carter said.

Two officers, including French, and one of the suspects was shot.

The officers were taken to the U. of C. Medical Center.

The wounded suspect was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. He and one other male suspect were in custody; a female suspect who was at large after the shooting was arrested later Sunday, police said.

A third suspect wanted in the case was arrested Sunday morning, Brown said.

Ella French Audio

“I’m asking Chicago to wrap their arms around our police officers today and encourage them to continue their great work in protecting us all,” Brown said. After Brown, the Mayor spoke at the conference and confirmed all city buildings will have flags lowered to half-staff. She also slammed the constant fighting over police reform.

“Stop. Just, stop. This constant strife is not what we need in this moment,” Lightfoot said.

She added, “They (the police) are human, just as we are. Flawed, just as we are. …”

But also risking their lives every day for our safety and security.” It is believed French and her partner wore body cameras, but Brown said the footage cannot yet be made public.”

An investigation into the incident is currently underway, including why the traffic stop was made.

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