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What You Don’t Know About Florida Mother: Edith Riddle Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and More

Lucille Downer
Lucille Downer

Who is Edith Riddle?

Edith Riddle is a Florida woman who was reportedly arrested after she showed up at her daughter’s school and then allegedly attacked a student purported to be her daughter’s rival.  Riddle was arrested on a child abuse charge following an alleged violent beatdown last week at the Dupont Middle School.

She was arrested by the Duval School Board Police on Thursday, March 18.

How old is Edith Riddle?

Edith Riddle, of Jacksonville, is 34 years old as of the year 2021.

Edith Riddle Jacksonville, Florida

According to the First Coast News, a school safety officer heard a teacher’s “frantic” announcement over the school radio that there was a fight occurring outside the cafeteria at 12:14 pm, according to a police arrest report.

When the safety officer arrived at the right location, he saw that Riddle had been involved in a physical fight with another student.

According to the report, Riddle had come to the school for a meeting with the vice-principal on campus and was just exiting

Edith Riddle Daughter

the school with her own daughter, when the daughter walked out of her way through the cafeteria to engage the victim in a fight, according to the report.

Riddle’s daughter, who has not been named in news reports, pushed the victim to the ground and threw some punches, before Riddle also joined in on punching the victim who was lying on the ground, according to witness statements.

Edith Riddle Boxing Glove

One witness said that Riddle appeared to have a boxing glove attached to her left hand, according to the arrest report. The report stated that Riddle had the boxing glove on her hand when she arrived at the school and had told the school that it was superglued to her wrist and that she could not remove it.

Edith Riddle Facebook

According to Metro, Riddle’s Facebook page includes a photo of a boy posing in boxing gloves and also a photo of a certificate indicating that she had completed probation for a previous unspecified offense.

Edith Riddle Victim

The victim, who has not been named, suffered abrasions on her knees and forearms, according to the report. The girl’s parents arrived at the school and told the police that she wanted to pursue criminal charges, according to the report. The parent then took the victim to St Vincent’s Hospital for a follow-up evaluation.

According to the report, Riddle and the victim are not related. Riddle was arrested and charged with one count of child abuse with a personal/special weapon.

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