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Little Dylan Describes How Woody Allen Molested Her: Dylan Farrow Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Dylan Farrow (right)
Dylan Farrow (right)

Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow

Dylan Farrow is is an actress born in the city of Texas, United States. She is widely known for her portrayal in Alice (1990), CBS This Morning and The Reckoning: Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret. Since she has been married to Dana Silver, she has had one child.

How old is Dylan Farrow?

Born on 11th July 1985, Dylan Farrow is 35 years old in 2021.

Dylan Farrow Adopted, Parents

Dylan Farrow was born to parents, whose names have not been publicly announced yet. She is the adoptive daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen.

Dylan Farrow Siblings, Family

She is the niece of Patrick Farrow, Michael Farrow, John Charles Farrow, Prudence Farrow, Stephanie Farrow, Tisa Farrow and Letty Aronson. Also, she is the adoptive half-sister of Matthew Previn, Sascha Previn, Fletcher Previn, Soon-Yi Previn, Lark Previn, Daisy Previn, Tam Farrow, Thaddeus Farrow (aka Gabriel), Frankie-Minh Farrow, Isaiah Farrow and Quincy Farrow. Besides being the adoptive sister of Ronan Farrow and Moses Farrow, she is the granddaughter of John Farrow, Maureen O’Sullivan, Martin Konigsberg and Nettie Konigsberg.

Dylan Farrow Nickname

She changed her first name to Eliza after her mother broke up with Woody Allen. By 2003 she had changed it to Malone.

Dylan Farrow Husband, Kids

Dylan Farrow was married to Dana Silver. On 27th April 2016, she was expecting her 1st child, a daughter, with her husband.

Dylan Farrow: ‘I didn’t want him to do it, mama’

Dylan Farrow is heard describing how her adopted father Woody Allen allegedly ‘touched her private parts’, in a never-before-seen 1992 home video featured in a new HBO documentary about the embattled filmmaker.

In the video shot by adoptive mother Mia Farrow as proof of the incident, seven-year-old Dylan claims the Oscar-winning director told her: ‘Do not move, I have to do this,’ as he touched her in the attic of the family’s country home.

‘I didn’t want him to do it, mama,’ she’s heard telling her mother. ‘I didn’t like it’.

The four-part documentary series, Allen v. Farrow, premieres Sunday on HBO and will feature recordings that Mia secretly made of her phone conversations with Allen, including one in which she tells him Dylan ‘is not alright’, after the alleged incident.

Woody Allen Biological Children

Following her split from Allen, 85, in 1992, Mia, 76, who has 14 children, publicly accused the director of sexually assaulting Dylan as a child.

Mia’s split from Allen and her sexual abuse charges against him, came after she discovered he was having an affair with her daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, whom she adopted with ex-husband Andre Previn in 1977.

Allen has always strongly maintained his innocence, claiming that Dylan fabricated the allegations of abuse or that she had been coached by Mia who was jealous of his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn.

Mia found out about Allen and Soon-Yi in 1992 when she found explicit photos of her in his apartment.

Mia and Allen had been together since 1979, when his career had taken off thanks to hit films Annie Hall and Manhattan, and she was A-list actress after her breakout role in Rosemary’s Baby. In 1992 that all changed when Allen, then 55, and Soon-Yi, then 21, were caught having an affair, which the documentary claims had been going on since she was in high school.

Soon-Yi would later marry Allen and remains with him to this day despite the 34-year age gap.

Dylan Farrow Woody Allen

Dylan describes how from the birth of her brother Ronan Farrow, the journalist whose 2017 bombshell report about Harvey Weinstein kickstarted the MeToo movement, Allen began to take her away from her mother even when she wanted to stay.

Dylan says that Allen was ‘very slowly instilling the idea in my head she [Mia] was more (Ronan’s) parent, he was more my parent, I was daddy’s girl’.

Dylan says that she ‘worshiped’ Allen and his humor made her ‘feel so special’.

She says in the film that Allen was like a ‘magnet’ to her and showered her with ‘intense affection all the time’.

‘I was always in his clutches. He was always hunting me,’ Dylan says.

Family members describe how Dylan began locking herself in the bathroom whenever Allen would come over or pretended to be a dead animal so she couldn’t talk.

Recounting the early incidents of abuse, Dylan says she has ‘very vivid snapshots, different places, mostly a window with a feeling attached’.

‘I remember sitting on the edge of his bed,’ she says.  ‘The light in the room, the satin sheets.

‘There were clarinet reeds. I have memories of getting into bed with him. He was in his underwear, I’m in my underwear cuddling. I remember his breath on me. He would just wrap his body around me, very intimately’.

Mia says: ‘I would suddenly walk in and there she would be in his bed with him in his underwear. Sometimes he would also kneel in front of her or sit next to her and put his face in her lap which I caught a couple of times and I didn’t think that was right’.

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