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Cancer-Stricken NYC doctor Released Without Bail: William Winkler Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

William Winkler Biography — Wiki

Dr. William Winkler is an old New York City doctor who has been released without bail after he was charged with violating his wife’s protective order against him after she was found dead in her apartment on Wednesday.

Dr. Winkler appeared before a judge late Thursday on first-degree criminal contempt charges a day after he reported wife Janet Baran unresponsive.

William Winkler Age

According to his date of birth, Dr. William Winkler is 71 years old.

William Winkler released without bail

The 67-year-old woman was pronounced dead at her home on East 87th Street Wednesday after she was found unconscious in her living room with ‘abrasions’ around her neck. She is believed to have been dead for over a day.

Despite the abrasions, law enforcement sources said Friday the woman didn’t appear to have been strangled.

Winkler, a Manhattan doctor who is reportedly suffering from cancer, was arrested at the scene after he was accused of breaching an order of protection his wife had against him. He was seen being escorted by police officers out of Manhattan Criminal Court on Thursday night.

He was given an adjournment date for next month. Dressed in a polo shirt and baggy jeans held up with a plush belt that appeared to be from a bathrobe, Winkler looked frail as he was walked over to a police cruiser outside.

William Winkler Gastroenterologist: What we know so far

The gastroenterologist had reportedly called 911 after claiming he had not seen his wife for a couple of days, sources told The New York Post. Officials later learned Winkler had been legally ordered to stay away from his wife due to a domestic violence incident months earlier, and he was taken into custody.

Initial reports stated Baran’s injuries appeared to be ‘consistent with strangulation’, however officials do not believe she had been strangled, law enforcement sources said Friday.

The couple was known to police for their history of domestic abuse, including one incident in October, when Winkler was arrested for pushing Baran off their bed, the New York Daily News reported. Baran, who sustained injuries to her wrist from the October incident, was granted a protective order against Winkler, who was charged with assault and harassment.

Neighbors told the paper the Baran had been taking care of her husband who reportedly suffers from cancer.

‘I’ve lived here five years and they’ve been here that whole time,’ the neighbor said. ‘You’d see him around with a walker but I think he was getting worse. He lost weight, he didn’t look good. He wasn’t doing well.’

The medical examiner will determine Baran’s cause of death.

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