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Deputy Chief Dion Boyd was found dead at a police facility

Dion Boyd

Dion Boyd was a 30-year-old veteran who worked for the Chicago Police Department. The Deputy Chief was found dead at the department’s Homan Square facility on the city’s West Side Tuesday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown announced on Tuesday.

Dion Boyd died in a suicide, police say

T top-ranking member of the CPD command staff worked his way through the ranks and held a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Boyd became a newly promoted Chicago police officer on July 15, less than two weeks ago.

Dion Boyd Newly Promoted

Dion Boyd had years of experience as a homicide detective and undercover narcotics officer as he had served as Commander of Areas 1 and 2.

Just two weeks prior, 57-year-old Boyd had been promoted to deputy chief of the CPD’s Criminal Networks Group, which oversees the narcotics, gang investigation, and vice divisions, and the department’s role in the CPD/FBI Violent Crimes Task Force, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Dion Boyd Dead in Apparent Suicide Soon After Promotion

The Chicago police officer was reportedly found dead at the department’s Homan Square facility on the city’s West Side Tuesday, police said.

Boyd, who had a promising future ahead of him, is believed to have died in a suicide, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said Tuesday afternoon.

“I am extremely saddened to share with you today the loss of a respected member of our command staff to suicide. We are shocked, saddened at the loss, and it’s deeply felt by me and the many colleagues and friends with whom Deputy Chief Dion Boyd worked and mentored throughout his career”, Brown said.

Dion Boyd’s Death Under Investigations

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Brown’s team has not yet figured how Boyd died other than to say it was a suicide.

Boyd’s body was taken to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office in a long procession.

Boyd’s colleagues were trying unsuccessfully to get reach him on his cell phone when he was discovered in his office, Police sources told the CBS 2 Investigators.

“Dion left people he loved here, and colleagues who loved him as well. Please, officers, please, stay humble, stay human, stay safe, stay well”, Brown said.

It is still unknown when exactly he died.

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