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Louisiana Man Who Abandoned Infant: Dillon Terrebonne Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Dillon Terrebonne
Dillon Terrebonne

Who is Dillon Terrebonne?

Dillon Terrebonne is the suspect who has been after a 23-year-old man who said he was on his commute when he saw Terrebonne “dropping a baby off” on the median of a highway in Lockport, Louisiana. The accident took place Thursday evening.

“I looked back and he took off leaving the child there, so I flipped a U-turn in the grass to get to the baby,” Dufrene said.

How old is Dillon Terrebonne?

Dillon Terrebonne is 27 years old.

Dillon Terrebonne Lockport, Louisiana

Dillon Terrebonne was later charged with domestic abuse battery involving strangulation. The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office said he abandoned an infant on the side of a highway in Raceland after physically assaulting the boy’s mother during an argument.

Authorities said they later learned the woman and her infant had been riding with Terrebonne while he drove her SUV.

Dillon Terrebonne Girlfriend

After an argument broke out, Terrebonne stopped the SUV, got out and walked to the passenger seat, where he began striking the victim in the head and strangling her, police said. The woman managed to free herself and escape the vehicle.

Terrebonne got back into the SUV and drove away, police said. He stopped after about a mile to detach the infant’s car seat from the back seat. With the baby in it, Terrebonne then placed the car seat on the road’s shoulder and continued driving.

As the mother made a frantic run to her child, Dufrene said he saw the incident unfold.

“I pulled into the median and put my truck in front of the child because I knew how dangerous this highway was,” Dufrene said. “And when I was pulling up, two women were approaching. One was a witness and the other was the mother.”

The mother said Terrebonne drove about a mile down the highway before placing her infant on the shoulder and left the area.

“I stayed with them while the lady called 911 and gave the description of the vehicle. I stayed the latest I could to make sure everything was under control.”

“I was running down the highway as fast as I could, but thank God witnesses seen and got to him before I could,” the mother said. “It took all day to locate (Terrebonne). He went back to his hometown in Abbeville and was caught and arrested there.”

“The man that seen what happened pulled off on the side of the road right away and got to my baby. Then I got to my baby a couple of seconds after.”

Dillon Terrebonne Arrested

Terrebonne was sent to the Lafourche Parish jail, where he is being held without bail. Authorities said additional charges could be pending.

Though the mother said she is still mentally and physically hurt, she was happy to report her baby has not been injured.

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