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Rioters ‘Looking For Nancy Pelosi To Shoot Her’: Diana Santos-Smith Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Video, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Diana Santos-Smith

Diana Santos-Smith is one of the two Pennsylvania women who were arrested and charged Friday after they were allegedly seen in a video expressing their intent to ‘shoot’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the Capitol riots, that left five people dead.

‘We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain but we didn’t find her,’ Dawn Bancroft said.

Bancroft, who was wearing a MAGA beanie, and Santos-Smith are facing three counts of violent entry on Capitol grounds.

Diana Santos-Smith Age

Diana Santos-Smith’s age has not been publicly announced yet.

Dawn Bancroft and Diana Santos-Smith

FBI officials identified the Diana Santos-Smith and Dawn Bancroft after receiving a tip on January 12 with a ‘selfie video’ taken by Bancroft that showed the two women trying to exit the Capitol, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday.

“We broke into the Capitol. . . . We got inside, we did our part,” Dawn Bancroft said in the video she sent to her children, according to an FBI affidavit filed with the criminal complaint against the women. “We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain, but we didn’t find her.”

Prosecutors say that Bancroft recorded herself alongside Santos-Smith saying: ‘We broke into the Capitol…we got inside, we did our part.’

‘We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain but we didn’t find her,’ she added.

Dawn Bancroft Video

Bancroft filmed the video and deleted it after sending it to her children, who were asked to delete the video later by their mother, the federal complaint states.

CCTV footage obtained by authorities also captured Bancroft and Diana entering the building as the mob was storming in. But when interviewed by FBI agents on January 20, Santos-Smith claimed that she had only attended President Trump’s rally in Washington, but never physically entered the Capitol.

‘After interviewing, agents showed Santos-Smith the video described above, [she] then stated that she lied and that she was inside the Capitol. Specifically, Santos-Smith stated that she and Bancroft went to the Capitol to protest and that they did not have a pre-planned agenda of entering the Capitol.’

When confronted with the video, Santos-Smith admitted they did enter, but assumed it was allowed because she “heard people saying, ‘They’re letting us in,’” noted the affidavit. Both women, however, said they entered, and later exited, the Capitol by crawling through a window, the affidavit noted.

Both women claimed that they were inside the Capitol between ’30 seconds and a minute’ before deciding to exit.

Diana Santos-Smith Pennsylvania

Bancroft would tell officers in a subsequent interview she Dand Santos-Smith had entered the building at about 3 p.m. through a broken window.

“Bancroft stated that she was aware that she was entering restricted grounds when she entered through the Capitol Building window,” according to the complaint. The women said they spent about 30 seconds in the building.

Diana Santos-Smith Facebook, Linkedin

Bancroft’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages say she is the owner and operator of the Cross Fit gym at 812 N. Easton Road in Plumstead. Her social media also says she worked for the YMCA for 10 years.

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