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Northern Beaches Couple Slammed For Wedding: Diana Falasca and Mark Bonifacio Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Diana Falasca and Mark Bonifacio Biography — Wiki

Diana Falasca and Mark Bonifacio are the couples who have been defended by wedding guests for flouting the Covid lockdown to get married because ‘no one tested positive to the virus’. Falasca left the Northern Beaches to tie the knot with Bonifacio on Sunday in front of dozens of guests at Doltone House at Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont.

Police have now handed out 21 fines for wedding guests who made the trip south in breach of the public health order.

Diana Falasca and Mark Bonifacio Age

Diana Falasca and Mark Bonifacio are both 28 years old.

Diana Falasca and Mark Bonifacio defended by wedding guests for getting married

Gym owner Angela Murray, who legally attended the wedding with her partner, defended the ceremony. ‘There are plenty of things happening in the world worth reporting than the same wedding for three days straight with no positive cases,’ she said in a message to Daily Mail Australia.

Another guest said she is going to get tested after finding out that people from the Northern Beaches attended the wedding, which she had ‘no idea’ about at the time.

No Covid cases have been linked to Sunday’s wedding in Pyrmont.  But the Northern Beaches cluster has been linked to 138 coronavirus cases, prompting the glamorous community into lockdown and restrictions for the rest of the Greater Sydney region on New Year’s Eve.

A Sydney-based wedding planner to the rich and famous, who did not want to be named, broke down the cost of the wedding on Wednesday. ‘It’s a glamorous setting with a stunning view. It really does cultural weddings very well and it’s in a prime location in the heart of Sydney Harbour,’ the wedding planner told Daily Mail Australia.

‘It would be a minimum spend of $50,000 just for the venue and catering.’

The events manager said Ms. Falasca’s boutique wedding dress is likely to have been specially made and cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. While the flagrant breach of lockdown restrictions has sparked outrage across the state, some working within the struggling industry do sympathize with the young couple.

‘Rules are rules and they would have known they were breaching the rules,’ the source said.

‘But I definitely feel sorry for them, they would have planned for a year in advance and then the outbreak happened.

What we know so far about Diana Falasca and Mark Bonifacio

On Wednesday nine more guests were slapped with heavy fines, bringing the total number of slugged guests to 21.

‘Police issued 12 [fines] on Monday (28 December 2020) to attendees who are Northern Beaches residents. ‘Following further inquiries, another nine guests were identified as Northern Beaches residents and were spoken to by police before $1,000 fines were issued either in person or by post.’

The groom, Mr. Mark Bonifacio, did not breach the health regulations and was not fined. The video showed the happy couple dancing in front of family and friends while celebrating their nuptials at Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont.

The following morning, Ms. Diana Falasca and a number of guests were each fined $1,000 for defying health orders and leaving the region following a Covid-19 outbreak on December 16. Ms. Falasca’s family and members of the bridal party were among the people hit with penalties.

Officers crashed the celebration at Doltone House at 5 pm after receiving a tip-off, with pictures showing guests mingling on a balcony.

They waited until the ceremony was over before they began speaking with guests and staff and handing out fines.

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