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Manhattan Protest Suspect: Devina Singh Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Video, Facebook, Instagram and More

Who is Devina Singh?

Devina Singh is an extreme anti-Trump who was charged with spitting in an NYPD sergeant’s face at a Manhattan protest whined Thursday to The Post that she did so because cops were “attacking people”, New York Post reported.

Pictured: Devina Singh

Devina is a Biden supporter who has made headlines after she spat in the face of a police officer.

How old is Devina Singh?

Devina Singh, of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, is 24 years old. She lives in New York.

Devina Singh caught spitting in cop’s face in Manhattan protest

As the presidential election enters its third day of vote counting, a final result still seems far from sight, and voters are getting restless. And so did Devina Singh.

Singh has gone viral on the internet after attending an anti-Trump protest and being arrested for spitting at a police officer. Since her arrest, Devina has deleted all of her social media profiles.

Devina Singh’s viral video

Singh’s video has gone viral on social media that shows her shouting at a police officer whilst at an anti-Trump protest in New York on Wednesday night (November 4th).

Devina shouts “I will die for this” before saying to the police officer in front of her “f*ck you fascist”.

Then, she spits in his face and is quickly pinned down to the floor by the officer.

What we know so far about Devina Singh

Before hanging up on a reporter, Singh, without evidence, also accused cops of breaking her left arm.

According to Daily Mail, Devina has previously been arrested for “unlawful assembly” in a recent protest in Brooklyn on October 27th, and again for “resisting arrest and obstruction” on September 18th in Manhattan.

She was arrested and charged with “obstruction of governmental administration and harassment”.

A total of 57 people were arrested at the anti-Trump protest on Wednesday night.

What is special about her social media?

She boasted about her September arrest on her since-deleted Instagram, posting a photo showing her dressed in all black, with her hands behind her back.

“I’m so f—— mad … probs bc behind me (white shirt) is Deputy Inspector Elias J. Nikas AKA Little D— Nik,” she captioned the photo.

On Facebook, Singh said her arrest came at an “anti-ICE peaceful march” and called on fellow Indians to take action against “the civil rights struggle of our time.”

“I had four officers on my back, pinning me to the ground. I was forced to watch, while I was pinned, as they beat the kid next to me into the pavement,” she wrote.

“Take it to the streets and f–k the police; no justice, no peace.”

Her page is also filled with posts about her social activism.

“The outrage over theft of clothing from Saks 5th Avenue?? The violent sentences being levied against people who caused no human harm, while we allow white people and those in power to continue to demonize and brutalize Black and Brown folks???” she wrote in one post. “If you’re still running these lines, stop.”

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