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Who is Christie Smythe’s Ex-Husband: Devin Arcoleo Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Devin Arcoleo Biography — Wiki

Devin Arcoleo is best known as the former husband of ex-Bloomberg reporter Christie Smythe who revealed how she gave up her “perfect little life” for Shkreli in a shocking interview with Elle. The former Bloomberg journalist has reportedly revealed she quit her job and left her husband to be with ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli, despite him being in prison until 2023, after falling in love with him while covering his white-collar crimes for work.

Smythe claimed she was living the ‘perfect little Brooklyn life’ with Devin Arcoleo until she started covering Shrkreli for work in early 2015. Her husband warned her: ‘He is just using you.’  He also said she was risking her professional reputation by ‘getting too sucked into this bad person’.

Pictured: Devin Arcoleo

Devin Arcoleo Age

Devin Arcoleo is 36 years old.

Devin Arcoleo Early Life, Education, Career

According to his LinkedIn page, Devin Arcoleo joined Pimco in 2006 as an account analyst and has worked his way up the company since then. Arcoleo earned a BSc from the NYU Stern School of Business in 2006. Arcoleo is the Vice President of investment banking company Pimco.

Devin Arcoleo Relationship with Christie Smythe

In 2014, Devin Arcoleo married Christie Smythe. The couple had been dating for five years before their marriage. According to the Elle article, the couple spent their free time cooking, walking Smythe’s rescue dog, and going on literary pub crawls.

Smythe told the publication: “We had the perfect little Brooklyn life.”

Devin Arcoleo ‘not happy’ after Christie Smythe revealed she left their ‘perfect life’ for Shkreli

On Sunday, December 20, 2020, it came to light that his wife Smythe divorced him after leaving him for Martin Shkreli. Journalist Smythe claimed to be in a relationship with “Pharma Bro” Shkreli. Smythe revealed her shocking romance with Shkreli in an interview with Elle, saying she has no regrets about leaving her “perfect little Brooklyn life”.

Smythe quit her job and left Devin Arcoleo and froze her eggs for Shkreli to be with Shkreli, dubbed ‘the most hated man in America’, after covering his arrest. She shared details of their romance but has since been cut off by Shkreli who, in a statement, said he ‘wishes her well’.

The journalist said she “fell in a rabbit hole” while covering Shkreli’s 2017 trial after he was charged with defrauding investors. But responding to the reports, Shkreli denied ever being involved romantically with the former Bloomberg News reporter.

Smythe’s ex-husband warned her he was manipulating her and her bosses at Bloomberg told her she’d lost her professional impartiality but she persisted with their relationship, visiting him in prison and defending him on Twitter until it finally turned romantic after he was sentenced in 2018.

Christie Smythe reveals her story with Devin Arcoleo

Former Bloomberg journalist Christie Smythe says her ex-husband is ‘not happy’ after she revealed how she left him for PharmaBro Martin Shkreli.  Speaking to Elle magazine a day after she professed her love for the prisoner in an article Sunday Smythe said her ex Devin Arcoleo had text ‘a a couple’ of times.

She said: ‘They were not happy texts. It’s up to him, whatever he wants to do, it’s his business.’

What Christie Smythe says

Discussing the online reaction to her story Smythe, who helped break the news of Shkreli’s arrest on securities fraud in December 2015, said she ‘did not like being called “the victim,” “mentally ill”’ for her decisions’.

She added: ‘Neither of those things is accurate. I respect and understand if people criticize my decisions. That’s fair. I put it out there. It’s fair game. But I made these choices very consciously.’ She added: ‘What feels very sexist to me is, why am I a victim? I chose to do this.’

Smythe said the reaction of her loved ones has been supportive since the article broke.

She adds: ‘I have gotten both family members and lots of friends from all over the country emailing me and reaching out and saying, “I hope you’re okay. We’re here for you.”’

What we know so far

Smythe and Shkreli have never slept together and have only been able to hug or kiss briefly in prison. He has also stopped speaking to her since she revealed their romance to Elle. Smythe also hasn’t been able to see him for more than a year but she says she is ‘happier than ever’ and willing to wait for him.

‘I fell down the rabbit hole. I’m happy here. I feel like I have a purpose,’ she said.

Twitter users attempted to bring Smythe back down to earth.

Smythe admits that not everyone has been behind the relationship, perhaps not surprisingly her ex-husband who believed Shkreli was ‘just using’ her and warned she was risking her journalistic reputation by ‘getting too sucked into this bad person.’

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