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89-year-old pizza delivery driver handed a $12,000 tip by a TikTok star who started fundraising drive

Derlin Newey

Derlin Newey is an 89-year-old pizza delivery driver who has been presented on his route with a $12,000 tip after a TikTok star started a fundraiser for the cash-strapped senior citizen.

Pictured: Derlin Newey

Newey works 30 hours a week at a Papa John’s Pizza in Roy, Utah in order to make ends meet. He received a surprise delivery of his own from “regulars” on his route.

He told KSL that he started the job after realizing he couldn’t live solely on social security.

CNN affiliate KSL TV was there to witness the moment.

Derlin Newey’s Unexpected Pizza Delivery Miracle

Earlier this month, 89-year-old Dewey delivered a pizza to the home of popular TikTok creator Carlos Valdez.

Valdez recorded his family’s interaction with Newey – who stood at the doorstep and enjoyed a friendly conversation with the clan. The footage was later posted to Valdez’s TikTok page, where it quickly went viral.

Many fell in love with America’s new favorite pizza delivery driver and wondered why he was still working even at the age of nearly 90. Valdez then decided to start a fundraiser for Newey.

“It’s insane. Everybody loves him”, said Carlos Valdez.

The TikTok star set up the fundraiser via Venmo, and people all across the country sent through donations.

Newey was also presented with a t-shirt featuring a cartoon image of him delivering pizzas

In the span of several days, Valdez raised around $12,069.  On Tuesday morning, Dewey was in disbelief when the Valdez and his wife set off to his Utah mobile home to deliver the $12,069 tip.

Derlin Newey reduced to tears, video shows

“We collectively collected a gift for you, and I’m here to deliver that gift to you on behalf of the TikTok community”, Vadez told Newey.

Footage filmed by local news station KSL shows Newey reduced to tears when presented with the money.

“I don’t know what to say, except thank you”, said Newey.

The Valdez family hopes Newey will use the money for bills and medical expenses so he won’t have to work.

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