Who is Latest Healthcare Worker To Die: Everything You Need To Know About Danielle DiCenso

Danielle DiCenso Biography – Wiki

Danielle DiCenso (born in 1987) is identified as the latest frontline Florida health worker who has reportedly died after she treated COVID-19 patients without being given a face mask, according to officials. She tested positive for the novel coronavirus on March 23, and didn’t return to hospital for work.

She was 33 years at the time of death.

Danielle DiCenso Career

DiCenso was a travelling nurse stationed in the ICU unit at Palemetto General Hospital, where she helped treat coronavirus patients.

Danielle DiCenso Personal Life

DiCenso was survived by her husband, David DiCenso and a 10-year-old son.

Danielle DiCenso Death News

After two weeks of working long shifts with infected patients without the necessary health gearsa, 33-year-old DiCenso started showing COVID-19 symptoms. Her condition continued to worsen with a bad fever and a cough.

As her condition rapidly deteriorated, she placed herself  in quarantine. But on Thursday, David found her dead in her living room

She is the latest frontline heatlh worker to have died amid the shortage of viral equipments.

Her husband reveals staff at the hospital didn’t give her the right equipment, and now their four-year-old son is without a mother.

Danielle DiCenso Husband, David DiCenso

“She always puts people first before her,’ her husband told WTCJ.

“She showed up for work one day and they didn’t have a mask for her”.

‘It really broke her heart that she couldn’t perform her job at a place she felt safe at”.

“She had lots and lots of text messages between her and coworkers saying they were not properly equipped and (Palmetto officials were not) representing what was really going on at the hospitals”.

He said he is ‘very mad’ at the lack of personal protective equipment made available to her, claiming that she may still be here if she hadn’t been forced to work without a face mask.

The young mother would not have died if she’d had a face mask, her husband has claimed

“My 4-year-old son’s not gonna have a mother”.

He adds that he is concerned other healthcare workers are not being provided adequate protection and continue to put their lives at risk.

Danielle DiCenso Facebook and GoFundMe

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Hospital Reports

“Nurses are provided appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in compliance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. We are very focused on minimizing staff exposures in our hospital”, Palmetto General Hospital spokeswoman Shelly Weiss wrote in an email.

“All employees at our hospital are temperature checked upon arrival, wear a mask during patient care and are required to notify employee health if they become symptomatic. They are not permitted to work in the hospital caring for patients if exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19”.

According to Local 10 News, the medical examiner is going to test her remains for COVID-19.


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