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Who is Seattle Protest Shooting Injured Victim: Everything You Need To Know Daniel Gregory

Daniel Gregory Biography – Wiki

Daniel Gregory is named as the Seattle Black Lives Matter protester who was allegedly shot while trying to defend other protesters by a gunman, Nikolas Fernandez, who drove into a crowd of protesters at 11th and Pine around 8:30 pm on Sunday Morning. The city’s fire department said in a tweet that it transported a man to a hospital and that he was in stable condition.

He is 27 years old, according to Seattle Fire.

Nikolas Fernandez Opens Shooting at Seattle Black Lives Matter Protest

According to police, around 8:30 pm. Fernandez drove at a protest outside the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct in Capitol Hill and shot Daniel Gregory who approached his car’s windows.

Daniel had been transported to Harborview Medical Center. Police said they recovered the gun and don’t believe there were any other victims.

In a news conference that ended about 30 minutes before the shooting, police Chief Carmen Best and Mayor Jenny Durkan both said the ongoing demonstrations outside of the East Precinct have brought a number of challenges.

Daniel Gregory Gets Shot in the Arm By Suspect Shooter

Daniel apparently ran towards the car and the gunman and got shot in the arm, when he defended the protesters.

Police said they recovered the gun and don’t believe there were any other victims.

Nikolas Fernandez Into Custody

Fernandez was reportedly chased by mob. He was later arrested for shooting a man attacking him inside his vehicle and therefore in self-defense.

He’s been denied bail, and his Facebook and everything else is public info.

Seattle Shooting Footage

Daniel Gregory GoFundMe

“We been in contact with Dan since midnight last night and he says he doing ok and glad nobody else got hurt”, Black Lives Matter Seattle Original claimed on GoFundMe.

“Please donate to cover his medical bills. Whatever extra there is after medical bills Dan gets to keep for himself”.


Who actually is Nikolas Fernandez?

Fernandez, who is said to be Latino, was identified by the people around in the Seattle protest as an iron worker, whose name is also on vehicle registration.

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