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Tennessee Manhunt Suspect Kills 2 Before Taking His Own Life

Dangelo Dorsey

Dangelo Dorsey is identified as a Tennessee manhunt suspect who was allegedly charged with murder, kidnapping, carjacking, and killing of two innocent people and himself Sunday afternoon, TBI reported.

29-year-old Dangelo Dorsey

This is a complex series of details and we have a lot of work ahead of us to connect all the dots. But, here’s what we can offer tonight, TBI Director David Rausch issued the statement.

Dangelo Dorsey Kills 2 in String of Shootings, Carjackings

According to TBI agents, it all started at about 9:30 am on I-24 in Coffee County when 29-year-old Dorsey, DOB 2-2-91, opened fire at a vehicle traveling westbound on Interstate 24 near Beechgrove in Coffee County. The shooting resulted in one man’s death and another woman’s injury inside the vehicle.

Traffic stopped after the shooting, and Dorsey then tried to find a car to flee in, TBI said.

He attempted to carjack a woman, and when he couldn’t get in, he started shooting, striking the woman in the hand and hitting a nearby truck driver in the face. Both will recover soon.

Dorsey then carjacked a Ford Mustang with a man and a woman inside. He forced them to drive him to their home where he switched vehicles to a blue Toyota Rav4.

There he took two guns and then forced the man and woman to accompany him.

Later, Dorsey shot the male hostage and dumped his body near mile marker 111 on I-24 in Coffee County.

Dangelo Dorsey Under Investigation

Law enforcement located Dorsey driving on I-24 and began a pursuit.

Shortly after 3:30 pm, speeds exceeded 100 mph until Dorsey crashed the vehicle and rolled over near mile marker 156 in Grundy County. TBI later found him dead along Interstate 24 westbound near Exit 111-B.

TBI agents have identified the two innocent people killed as Darcey Johnson, 28, who was the man killed in a shooting on I-24, and Phillip Jordan Stevens, 23, who was the hostage killed.

The female hostage was found safe at the scene of the crash.

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