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Former 49ers Player Dana Stubblefield Convicted of Rape

Dana Stubblefield, a 49ers San Franciso and Oakland Raiders star, was convicted and charged with preying a disabled woman while using a gun in his Northern California home in spring 2015, according to a report.

Dana Stubblefield arrested

Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office announced on Monday that Stubblefield could 15 years behind bars after his allegations of forced oral indulgence with a mentally ill woman.

“This was a triumph of resilience. The victim has struggled her whole life with learning disabilities and challenges to be self-sufficient. If we are not fighting for her, then who are we fighting for?” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said.

Victim Traveled To Dana Stubblefield for a Babysitting Job Interview

The woman, who was 31 years old by then, traveled to Dana Stubblefield’s home on April 9, 2015, to interview for a job babysitting his children. He contacted her through a babysitting website.

She left after 20 minutes, but she returned back when Stubblefield texted her that he wanted to pay for her time, investigators confirmed. That is when Stubblefield led the victim to his Morgan Hill home and preyed her.

After they were done, Stubblefield gave her $80 and let her go. The woman rushed to the Morgan Hill Police Department and reported the r*pe, according to the prosecutors.

“It has been a long road this remarkable woman and we are thankful to the jury for providing her some closure and, for our community, justice after an unconscionable and violent crime”.

Dana Stubblefield Under Investigations

49-year-old Stubblefield has been charged with oral r*pe of a person incapable of giving consent. He was set to face 15 years to life in prison after a nine-month trial.

He was sent to jail without bail after the hearing was read.

However, Stubblefield’s attorneys denied the claim that the woman from any disability that prevented her from agreeing to c*nsensual s*x.

Stubblefield was a defensive tackle for 11 seasons. In 1993 he was named the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year with 10.5 sacks, and in 1997 he was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year by The Associated Press after he recorded 15 sacks.

Stubblefield was drafted 26th overall in the first round, and he played in the Pro Bowl in 1994 and in 1995. His final season was with the Oakland Raiders in 2003.

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