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Who is Abusive Resort-Owning Father: Everything You Need To Know About Damon Becnel

Breaking News: Girl installed secret cameras in her room to report her father, Damon Becnel and to catch him headbutting her and threatening to cut her dog’s throat

Who is Damon Becnel?

Damon Bacnel is identified as the abusive resort-owning father who was caught on camera while abusing his 14 years old daughter, and threatening to kill her two dogs.

Damon Becnel
Damon Becnel

The 47-year-old is believed to be a prominent local business owner whose last business was also listed as ABC Resorts in Destin.

Who is Damon Becnel Daughter?

The teen caught on camera being abused by father is identified as the daughter of Becnel. She gave authorities the video footage of the abuse that took place in the Destin, Florida home.

Damon Becnel Caught on Camera Abusing His Daughter

An abusive father was filmed beating the dog before pulling out a knife and threatening to slit the animal’s throat.

As of footage, the girl handed over showed Becnel in a bedroom with his daughter and two dogs. The father could be heard screaming at the dog as the teen sat on a chair on the other side of the room.

“I will cut this f***ing dog’s eyeballs out, I’ll f***king do it”, he shouted.

The teen screamed and lunged at Becnel when he suddenly grabbed the dog by the neck and threw it to the ground. Then, he headbutted his daughter, striking her head against the wall with force.

The girl screamed: “Why are so you abusive to me?”

Damon Becnel Charges & Court Appearance

The resort-owning father has been charged with one count of child abuse and one count of animal cruelty.

After being released on bond, he is set appear in court on February 4.

Victim’s Mother

The victim’s mother revealed her daughter had been trying to report the physical abuse for several years but authorities didn’t believe her.

“She absolutely knew that something bad was going to happen and nobody would believe her unless she had that on film”.

Therefore, the girl planned to install the cameras so she would film her father as evidence.

Investigation Reports

It is still unknown the mother does not have custody of the girl.

The abuser is also accused of grabbing the teen by the hair.


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