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Journalist Dishes on ABC Rivalry on Barbara Walters: Connie Chung Everything You Need To Know

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Connie Chung is a famed broadcast journalist who gushed about behind-the-scenes drama with several of her former colleagues including Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters in a bombshell new podcast interview.

Chung, who anchored at a number of top outlets including ABC, CBC, CNN and NBC before retiring in 2006, spilled a stock of secrets on Los Angeles Magazines’ podcast ‘The Originals’ this week. Among the most striking was her description of working with Sawyer and Walters at ABC, which she said was ‘not unlike what Tonya Harding did to Nancy Kerrigan’.

Connie Chung Age

Connie Chung is 74 years old.

Connie Chung Dishes out Rivalry on Barbara Walters at ABC

Connie Chung also revealed her flirtatious relationship with David Letterman, saying: ‘I had this thing for him, and he had a thing for me.’

Yet admitted the host had a ‘dark’ side and refused her request to stop telling jokes about her attempts to have a child, even after she suffered multiple miscarriages.   Her relationship with future President Donald Trump also soured after he was angered with her line of questioning during a CBS interview in 1990.

Chung said afterward a ‘childish’ Trump would treat her like she was ‘invisible’ when they saw each other at celeb events.

‘When the executive producer of that program told me that we were doing an interview with Trump I asked them “why?  …, Chung said.

‘I sat down and he began to carry on the way he did and I just couldn’t stomach it. I had interviewed politicians in the 70s for 5 years covering Capitol Hill and the White House and the Pentagon and it was very easy to become accustomed to this bloviating behavior and how to combat it so I just went back to my old experience and said exactly what I was thinking at the time which was, ‘are you kidding me?”

‘He wasn’t very happy about it,’ she laughed.

‘So much so that my husband and I would see him at these golf tournaments because he plays a lot of golf … He would say hello to my husband Maury, but he would completely ignore me as if I wasn’t even there as if I was invisible and it was quite shocking that I suddenly became invisible. He was very childish.’

What else…

Connie Chung started her career as a Washington correspondent for CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite in the 1970s. She returned to CBS five years later and joined Dan Rather in anchoring the Evening News – an experience she mentioned in her podcast interview.

Chung described Rather as ‘very Texas gentlemanly’ before comparing their partnership to a 1960 horror film, adding: ‘If I turned my back, I felt like I might be in a scene of Psycho in the shower.’  Chung and Rather parted ways in 1995, after which she moved to ABC News as a reporter for 20/20.

She described it as ‘Schadenfreude’ that he was later fired from the show after her but says losing the job turned out to be a ‘blessing’ because she received a call from her adoption lawyer shortly afterward to say that they could adopt their son Matthew.

‘I think it was meant to be,’ Chung said. She then took two years to stay with her son before she moved on to ABC.

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