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Former HGTV Host guilty in Molesting Daughter’s Best Friend, Who is Christopher Dionne? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Daughter, Career, Networth and Fast Facts

Christopher Dionne Bio

Christopher Dionne is a former HGTV host.

Christopher Dionne Age

He is 37 Years Old American.

Christopher Dionne Family

Christopher Dionne married his wife Summer-Sage Williams in September 2012 in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Summer is a published writer. She is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University in Willim antic where she studied sociology. She published her book ‘The Little White Flower’ in March 2015. She has seven books listed on Amazon which include; One to Ten Nonsense, The Elixir of Life, Legacy.

Christopher and his wife have two children.

Christopher Dionne Found Guilty in Molestation

Christopher Dionne, a former host of an HGTV remodeling pilot, has been found guilty of molesting a 10-year-old girl in his Connecticut home, according to a report.

A New London Superior Court official told People magazine that Dionne, 37, was convicted of risk of injury to a minor and fourth-degree sexual assault on Wednesday.

In a statement to wikiaboutworld on Friday, HGTV said: “The individual you reference appeared in a pilot that premiered on our network in 2015. The pilot was not picked up for series.”

Per People, Dionne’s show, titled “Family Flip,” ran for one episode in 2015.

According to People, Dionne’s victim — who is now 12 — testified during the trial that she was best friends with Dionne’s daughter at the time of the assault. Per the outlet, “she and Dionne’s daughter were on the same soccer team and had regular sleepovers at each other’s houses.”

Per People — citing the arrest warrant application — Dionne’s victim claimed that in November 2017, she was at a birthday sleepover at his home when he inappropriately touched her — waking her up in the early hours of the morning by placing his hand against her buttocks inside her pajamas.

Christopher Dionne’s Daughter’s Best Friend Statement

She said he also later reached his hand under her bra, jiggled her chest, and allegedly took a photo of her on his phone, the outlet reported.

Per People, Dionne’s victim said she was molested twice, several hours apart. Dionne’s two children — a 14-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter — were in the room sleeping while it happened, People reported.

According to the outlet, during the assault, Dionne asked the girl if she wanted to see his genitals, asking her, “Are you a big girl or a little girl?” and telling her, “If you tell your mom, I’ll go to jail and (my daughter) won’t have a daddy.”

She refused his advances and Dionne went back to his room, reported People. According to the outlet, this wasn’t the first time Dionne assaulted the child. People reports that a similar incident — Dionne asking the girl if she wanted to kiss his genitals — occurred in September.


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