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Five Young Men Killed a 17-year-old Boy: Chikayne-Nadante Heslip Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Suspects Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Chikayne-Nadante Heslip Biography — Wiki

Chikayne-Nadante Heslip is a boy who was trying to defend his friend at a party, was allegedly killed by five young men. Heslip died in Rockingham Hospital after being stabbed outside the house party in Waikiki, south of Perth, on Saturday night.

Police allege the ‘selfless’ Mr. Heslip had come to the aid of his friends before being chased from the party and attacked by a group of gatecrashers at two different locations. Five men have been charged with the fatal stabbing.

Chikayne-Nadante Heslip Age

Chikayne-Nadante Heslip is 17 years old.

Chikayne-Nadante Heslip beaten to death by five young men

A 17-year-old boy and two men, aged 18 and 27, were initially charged with his murder. They were refused bail and faced court on Thursday.

Homicide detectives have since charged another two men, aged 18 and 19, with murder.

They have been refused bail and will face Rockingham Magistrates Court on Friday.

In a statement, Mr. Heslip’s family said their ‘beautiful, caring young man’ had always put others first.

‘Our understanding is that Chikayne died protecting his mates and in our eyes, he will always be a selfless hero,’ the family said.

‘You will always be remembered as our hero.’

What we know so far

WA Police Assistant Commissioner Brad Royce said a family sending their 17-year-old to a party should not have to face such a devastating outcome.

‘The people responsible for this were cowards. There was a number of them and one boy,’ he told reporters.

Mr. Royce said it was becoming common for house parties advertised on social media to become out of control and attract violence.

‘Once you’re on social media the party expands, the numbers expand,’ he said.

‘The people managing the party aren’t always prepared for those numbers and have to shut things down. And a lot of the trouble occurs outside the party.’

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