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Who is Former Chinese State Journalist: Everything You Need To Know About Chen Jieren

Chen Jieren Biography – Wiki

Chen Jieren is best known as the former Chinese state journalist who had worked for some of China’s most powerful propaganda outlets. He has reportedly been jdetained for 15 years after being accused of attacking the ruling Communist Party, a court has ruled. He was the former editor-in-chief in the People’s Daily group.

Everything You Need To Know About Chen Jieren

Chen Jieren Early Life:

Chen was born to a farming family in the southern province of Hunan. He went to the Law School of Tsinghua, one of China’ most distinguished universities.

Chen Jieren Career

Chen served several key posts in the Chinese state-run media groups, including the editor-in-chief role of People’s Forum magazine under Communist mouthpiece People’s Daily.

He was sacked by People’s Daily while working as the editor-in-chief of a provincial sub-channel in 2011 for ‘dishing out too much criticism against the government’ and ‘serving as an informant for the US’, according to Voice of America.

Chen Jieren Early Life: Family

In 2018, he and his family were ‘taken away’ by police over the case of blackmailing and carrying out illegal business, according to US-based Chinese news site Radio Free Asia.

Chen Jieren Jailed For 15 Years Posting ‘Negative’ Reports About Communist Officials

The former Chinese state journalist is said to have posted a series of ‘false’, ‘negative’ and ‘slanderous’ articles about officials on his social media accounts since 2015. He then used the influence of his reports to extorted large sums of money from the officials, a regional court alleged in a statement yesterday.

China’s state broadcaster CCTV aired a 17-minute programme in August, 2018, to list Chen’s alleged crimes. It showed Chen apparently confessing to his wrongdoings. The news comes as China faces international scrutiny over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Chen’s sentence is one of the harshest moves yet against free speech by China’s government under President Xi Jinping. He was convicted of ‘picking quarrels and provoking trouble, extortion, illegal business operations and bribery’, a court in central Hunan province said in a statement posted online.

Chen Jieren Accusations

According to the article, his detention was related to several articles he had published, which accused an official in Hunan of gross misconduct and malfeasance on the post.

The court statement said Chen had posted ‘false’ and ‘negative’ information online ‘to hype relevant cases under the guise of providing legal advice’.

It said Chen was part of an ‘evil force’ along with his ex-wife and three other people that illegally accrued 7.3 million yuan (£822,000, $1 million) from their activities.

The Chinese Human Rights Defenders watchdog said Chen was convicted ‘apparently to punish him for his political speech on WeChat and other social media platforms’, calling for his immediate and unconditional release.

In addition, after he was sacked by other state media outlets including the China Youth Daily and Beijing Daily, he published online commentaries and investigative reports on social media since then.

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