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Charmaine McGuffey Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Facebook and More

OFFICIAL: Charmaine McGuffey will be the first openly gay person to lead Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

Charmaine McGuffey, an Ohio sheriff, will be the first openly gay person to head her department after a primary win over her former boss, who she claims fired her over her sexual orientation.

McGuffey in 2013

McGuffey bested opponent Bruce Hoffbauer this week to become the top cop at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. The win came after she beat out former boss Jim Neil in the Democratic primary.

McGuffey said she was bullied and fired over her sexual orientation while at the sheriff’s office, where she attained the rank of major. McGuffey told WVXU-TV last month:

“My role is to be an example of what you can accomplish as an LGBT person because there’s a lot of discrimination out there. There were lots of times that I struggled to keep my sexual orientation to myself because I knew that if it got out, it would hurt my career.”

She was fired in 2017

She was fired by Neil in 2017 after an investigation into complaints that she created a hostile work environment. Neil told People that after interviews with 31 people, McGuffey was reassigned. She was ultimately fired when she failed to report to the new assignment, he said.

McGuffey sued the sheriff’s office, claiming her male colleagues received preferential treatment and that she was terminated because of her criticism of the agency, being openly gay.

Here is everything you need to know about Charmaine McGuffey.

Charmaine McGuffey Biography — Wiki

Charmaine McGuffey is a 62-year-old retired Major and former Commander of Jail and Court Services with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. Charmaine McGuffey was appointed to the rank of Major in 2013 and oversaw the third largest jail in the state of Ohio.

McGuffey as a young officer

Within a two-year period, Major McGuffey led the effort to improve the Hamilton County Justice Center from its ranking as worst in the state to the best of the large jails in Ohio.

During her tenure as Commander of Jail and Court services, McGuffey was named local and regional “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year”, and was honored by the Ohio House of Representatives for being named the 2016 Public Citizen of the Year by the Ohio Chapter of NASW.

She was also included in the 2013 Cincinnati Enquirer’s list of “Professional Women to Watch”.

Charmaine McGuffey Early Life, Education, Family and More

Charmaine was born in Cincinnati and raised, along with her two sisters, by her mother and in Price Hill. Her mother’s hard work to support their family during childhood taught Charmaine both the value of hard work and the different community support can make in someone’s life.

At age 14, she knew she wanted to be a Police Officer.

She graduated from Western Hills High School and started the Criminal Justice program at the University of Cincinnati with her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

She joined the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in 1983.

Experience in the Sheriff’s Office

  • Hamilton County Sheriff Major and Commander of Jail and Court Services, 2013 – 2017
  • Hamilton County Sheriff Electronic Monitoring Unit, 2010 – 2012
  • Hamilton County Sheriff Captain, 1996- 2009
  • Hamilton County Sheriff Lieutenant, 1988 – 1995
  • Hamilton County Sheriff Sergeant, 1985 -1987
  • Hamilton County Sheriff Jail Service Officer, 1983- 1985

Expertise in/and Instructor for:

  • Leadership for Results
  • Crisis Intervention Skills
  • Specialized Negotiation Skills
  • Use of force
  • Advanced Hostage Negotiations
  • Sexual harassment/sexual abuse in correctional facilities
  • Defensive Tactics/Close Quarter Confrontation
  • Basic Peace Officer Certification
  • Basic Academy Instructor Training
  • Fitness Specialist Certification from the Cooper Institute of Fitness
  • Self-defense
  • Training for trainers
  • Developed lesson plans for the Ohio Peace Office Training Academy


  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati


  • Regional Law Enforcement Officer of the Year 2014
  • Ohio Chapter of the National Social Workers Citizen of the Year 2016
  • City of Cincinnati Resolution Award for work as the Commander of Jail and Court Services in 2017

Professional Affiliations

  • Board member, Cincinnati Union Bethel
  • Board member, Cincinnati Woman’s Club
  • Member, Human Rights Campaign
  • Leadership Cincinnati Class of 39
  • A former member of the Ohio Jail Administration Board
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