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What You Don’t Know About Kiwi Al Jazeera Journalist: Charlotte Bellis Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Charlotte Bellis
Charlotte Bellis

Who is Charlotte Bellis?

Charlotte Bellis is a New Zealand female journalist who has worked for Al Jazeera, an independent news organization funded partly by the Qatari government, from Afghanistan since 2019. The experienced reporter was the only female journalist allowed to attend the Taliban’s first official press conference.

There was only female journalist Charlotte at the Taliban’s first official press conference this week and her bold question to the group of armed men who took over Afghanistan’s capital shocked the world.

She works as the senior for the international new outlet Al Jazeera Media Network.

How old is Charlotte Bellis?

Charlotte Bellis is 35 years old as of the year 2021.

Charlotte Bellis Wikipedia

Originally born and raised in New Zealand, Bellis has been reporting on the ground from Kabul for Al Jazeera.

She attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and earned her BA in JournalismMagna Cum Laude. She has done her Masters of Arts at the University of Missouri-Columbia ( – 

Despite dozens of fellow female journalists from the world’s media also stationed in the country’s capital, Bellis was the only female reporter granted permission to attend the Taliban’s press conference.

Charlotte Bellis Al Jazeera

The 35-year-old forced the organization’s leaders to address their attitude towards women after she took charge and asked the first question. Bellis’ question centered around women’s rights and given women and girls are believed to be some of the most at-risk people under the new Taliban regime — her question was of the utmost importance.

She asked whether Afghan women can be assured the right to continue work and study and also asked if the new government would once more lock women and female children in their houses and refuse them education or jobs.

Under the Taliban’s previous regime, women were not allowed to work or have an education.

They were also forced to wear burqas.

To this, the Taliban responded that women’s rights will be guaranteed “within the limits of Islam”.

Using the opportunity to push forward their new, apparently more modern persona, Mujahed told Bellis the “Islamic Emirate” was “committed to the rights of women”. although only “within our framework of sharia”.

Te Kiwi journalist was praised online, not only by viewers but by colleagues too.

Charlotte Bellis Journalist

Bellis, who has also been using Twitter to give real-time updates of the unfolding Taliban takeover, shared a post in what appears to be after the press conference.

“Returned to my hotel to find hotel security replaced by Taliban members with AKs,” she wrote.

“They had parked their US-made humvees outside. Said good evening. They looked startled. And I walked into the lobby and ordered room service. Welcome to the new Kabul.”

Charlotte Bellis Taliban Press Conference

It is unclear why Bellis was the only female reporter specifically chosen to address the conference.

Bellis isn’t the only female journalist being commended on her handling of the organization’s representatives.

Taliban spokesman Shail Shaheen, randomly called female Afghan-born Australian BBC reporter, Yalda Hakim, live on-air on Monday. He launched into a speech in which he promised “peace” in the war-ravaged country.

He also claimed the Taliban will respect the rights of women and allow them access to education.

Ms. Bellis said just last week she became aware of one of her colleague’s names on the hit list and told the Taliban it would be ‘unfortunate’ if they killed him. The man simply suggested her colleague call ‘the hotline’ to secure amnesty, however, if the immunity will be delivered still remains unclear.

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