Who is Music Icon Kenny Rogers’ Daughter: Everything You Need To Know About Carole Rogers

Carole Rogers Biography – Wiki

Carole Rogers is identified as the first child of the music icon Kenny Rogers and his first wife Janice Gordon. She is the oldest child and only daughter of county music star Kenny Rogers, who has reportedly been announced dead due to natural causes at the age of 81.

Breaking News: Kenny Rogers Dead at 81

81-year-old Kenny Rogers, who was Wanda’s current husband, passed away in hospice, surrounded by family. His cause of death is considered to be natural, a representative told Variety.

He was famous and best known for leaving his legacy in a number of amazing classic country songs, including The Gambler, Lady, She Believes in Me, and Through the Years.

Everything You Need To Know About Carole Rogers

Early Life:

Throughout her childhood, Rogers was not in contact with his oldest child. He did not play an active role in Carole’s childhood due to an arrangement made with his first wife, Janice Gordon.


Kenny Rogers and his first wife Janice Gordon got married on May 15, 1858 but they divorced in April 1960.

Kenny Rogers’ teenage sweetheart was Janice Gordon. He revealed that his first night with Gordon led to pregnancy. Rogers was 19 years old by the time.

Rogers told Fox News in a 2012 interview that the pregnancy caused a rift with Gordon’s parents. “You know what? I loved her. At 19 I thought, ‘This is ok with me.’ That was a thing where her parents thought I’d ruined her life and were determined to break me. It didn’t work, and it’s really sad because I think it could have worked”.


Carole Rogers is the granddaughter of Edward Floyd Rogers and Lucille Rogers. Her uncle is Lelan Rogers.

Carole Rogers Mother, Janice Gordon

Janice was the first wife of Kenny Rogers but the relationship ended after 1 year and 9 months of marriage. It is alleged that Janice’s parents believed that he would ruin her life as they were both teenagers. Due to family pressure, the two ended up divorcing and Janice unmarried.

Carole Rogers Father, Kenny Rogers

Carole was the first child of Kenny Rogers who brought her to life when he was only 19. Kenny Rogers revealed that he was forced to make a promise to Janice and her parents that he would have no contact with Carole.

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