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Columbia Professor Calls Himself a Proud Heroin User: Carl Hart Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Carl Hart
Carl Hart

Professor Carl Hart Columbia University

Carl Hart is the Columbia University professor of psychology and neuroscience who says he snorts heroin and takes other drugs to feel ‘refreshed’ and ‘prepared to face another day.’ Hart studies the effects of recreational psychoactive drugs on humans and is the chair of the prestigious university’s psych department.

Hart, a neuroscience Ph.D. who is on a sabbatical until July, details his drug use in his new book ‘Drug Use for Grown-ups: Chasing Liberty in the Land of Fear.’ In his book, he says he has a particular attachment to heroin scholastically and as a substance for personal use.

How old is Carl Hart?

Carl Hart is 54 years old in 2021.

Carl Hart ‘Drug Use For Grown Ups’

At the time, he was already a tenured professor at Columbia University and “well over 40,” according to his new book, “Drug Use for Grown-Ups.” After doing that “short, thin line” with a friend, he said, he felt “a dreamy light sedation, free of stress.”

He added that the two chatted, laughed, “called it an evening, and went home.” Hart had already worked (legally) with drugs including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin for more than 25 years, studying drug users and seeking to answer questions about the threats drugs pose to mental and physical health.

For most of that time, Hart was set on proving one point: Drugs are bad. Now, he just wishes he could do them legally and that you could too.

“My heroin use is as recreational as my alcohol use,” Hart wrote in his book. “Like a vacation, sex, and the arts, heroin is one of the tools that I use to maintain my work-life balance.” His book is a research scientist’s love letter to drugs of all stripes and an argument for more even-handed drug policies across the US.

Carl Hart Heroin

There aren’t many things in life that I enjoy more than a few lines by the fireplace at the end of the day,’ he writes in his book

In the book, Hart claims he has snorted small amounts of heroin for as many as 10 days in a row and enjoys it even when he experiences mild withdrawal symptoms ’12 to 16 hours after the last dose.’ Also, Hart hopes that coming clean about his drug use will help lead to the decriminalization of illegal drugs.

‘He draws on decades of research and his own personal experience to argue definitively that the criminalization and demonization of drug use – not drugs themselves – have been a tremendous scourge on America, not least in reinforcing this country’s enduring structural racism,’ according to publisher notes.

The professor argues that ‘when used responsibly, drugs can enrich and enhance our lives,’ according to the publisher.

Carl Hart Columbia

Hart told Insider that he wants President Biden to federally decriminalize drug possession and hopes the country moves toward the federal regulation and licensing of the use of substances. “If you’re going to use opioids, don’t use alcohol as a background or other sedatives in combination, because it increases the likelihood of respiratory depression and death”,’ Hart said, according to the outlet.

Hart argues that many of the fears surrounding drug use began as a direct result of racism.

He told GQ in an interview: ‘We don’t think of these drugs in rational terms. We think of these particular drugs as producing unique effects and it’s just not true. But when you do that, when you think of these drugs as producing these unique effects, the response is not rational…”

‘When we think about cocaine, for example, we banned it for irrational reasons, for reasons of American racism. Same thing with opioids. We paired these drugs with the behavior of groups we didn’t like, and behavior that we exaggerated, like crime, like Black men being with white women.

‘So the drugs became more about these other issues that were sadly exaggerated. And so we’re still doing that today.’

Carl Hart Drugs

Hart says he first tried heroin six or seven years ago when he was already a tenured professor in his late 40s. He says he did a ‘short, thin line’ with a friend and felt ‘a dreamy light sedation, free of stress,’ adding that the two talked and laughed, ‘called it an evening, and went home.’

Carl Hart Wife, Kids

Hart, who is married and has three children, told Insider that his family supports his recreational heroin use. ‘The most important thing we have emphasized as parents are: Just try and live like the person that you think you are — a moral, compassionate, global citizen,’ he told the outlet.

‘My family would expect me to stand up on behalf of the people who have been castigated [for using drugs].’

Hart believes that many drug overdose deaths could be eliminated with a cleaner supply and better education, Insider reported. Hart said he hopes a system can be created where people submit samples of drugs they have purchased that can be tested to reveal what they contain.

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