hidden hit counter New Mexico Woman: Candy Jo Webb Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Arrest, Pictures and More
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New Mexico Woman: Candy Jo Webb Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Instagram, Pictures and More

Candy Jo Webb Biography — Wiki

Candy Jo Webb is a woman from New Mexico who allegedly fed her grandfather a lethal dose of medication, then stuffed his body in a tool chest before driving across the country.

Pictured: Candy Jo Webb in custody

According to officials, was arrested by US Marshals in Jacksonville, Florida, for allegedly killing her grandfather and later stuffing his body in a big toolbox.

How old is Candy Jo Webb?

Candy Jo Webb is 27 years old, originally from the town of Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

Why Candy Jo Webb murdered his grandfather

According to authorities, Candy Jo Webb vanished mid-October, after her neighbors discovered her grandfather A.J Harden’s (82) decomposed remains. Webb was compiled as suspect by neighbors.

The residents of Fort Summer noticed a foul odor from a toolbox that was dumped on a nearby property.

Harden’s body was severely decayed, but, a medical appointment card with Harden’s name was found in the pocket of the clothing, police said.

Webb had previously told the police in September that her grandfather was enrolled in a nursing home in Wellington, Texas called ‘Shady Oaks’. However, that was the last time she had been in touch with the police and when looked upon, the authorities couldn’t find any evidence of the facility existing.

What we know so far

According to police, 82-year-old AJ Harden’s dead body was discovered on October 15.

Agents from state police believe that Webb gave Harden the drugs Xanax and Ambien and then concealed his body inside a tool chest on a property in Fort Sumner.

“Webb drove the tool chest to 1976 Shenandoah Drive in Fort Sumner where she discarded the body.”

The owner of the property, Brenda Moyer, told police when she was interviewed on October 19 that she rented the home to her son, who was living there with Webb when they dated.

Candy Jo Webb’s boyfriend made statements

Officers interviewed Webb’s boyfriend Garrett Beene. At first, Beene revealed that Webb had told him that Harden had died in his sleep and that she had called the fire department to take his body.

However, the police found that she hadn’t made any emergency calls as narrated by her boyfriend.

He reportedly contacted the police through his attorney a day later and revealed that “Webb allegedly told him that her grandfather asked her to kill him so she gave him a fatal dose of Xanax and Ambien.”

He further accused her of killing her grandfather to acquire his lake house.

Webb was arrested Thursday by U.S. Marshals three weeks after her grandfather’s body was found.

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