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British Passenger Sues Police For £200,000: Cameron McArthur Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Cameron McArthur Biography — Wiki

Cameron McArthur is a passenger who says he was beaten unconscious by British Transport Police after claims he was ‘rude’ in a row over a £22 train ticket, is now suing for over £200,000 compensation.  McArthur was on his way to Heathrow from Paddington station in March 2016 when he became embroiled in an argument with a rail worker after having to switch from the tube to a train due to industrial action.

When he was asked to pay a £22 additional fare, it is claimed Mr. McArthur was ‘rude’, telling the male member of station staff: ‘I wouldn’t pay for a go on your mother and daughter for that f*****g price’.

Cameron McArthur Age

Cameron McArthur is 62 years old.

What happened to Cameron McArthur?

Cameron McArthur told Central London County Court that he was handcuffed and ‘beaten unconscious’ by a BTP constable and community support officer. But he denies threatening or doing anything to harass anyone and is now demanding damages of over £200,000 after launching a court claim against the Chief Constable of British Transport Police.

BTP is defending the action, claiming Mr McArthur was drunk and accidentally knocked himself out during the scuffle with the officers.

In documents submitted to the court, Mr McArthur told Judge Heather Baucher that he ‘was beaten unconscious whilst detained in handcuffs at Paddington station’ on March 24, 2016.

‘The defendant police officers assaulted the claimant. He was handcuffed unlawfully…He was beaten unconscious by the defendant police officers whilst detained in handcuffs at Paddington Station,’ the documents state.

Outside court, he added that he was attempting to switch from the tube to a train due to a strike on the Piccadilly Line but now has only a hazy recollection of the incident due to suffering a head injury during the clash with the police officers.

The Chief Constable, in his defence to the action, told the judge that an officer had attended after a report that Mr McArthur was being rude and refusing to pay for a ticket. ‘The officer asked the claimant what was wrong. He noticed that the claimant was intoxicated and unsteady on his feet.

‘The claimant replied, “So I will tell you what I told him – I wouldn’t pay for a go on his mother and his daughter for that f*****g price.” The claimant was warned that his behaviour was unacceptable and the officer began to escort him out of the station.’

The Chief Constable claims that Mr McArthur then ‘became aggressive and was swearing loudly’ and went on to tell the BTP officer: ‘I’m going to punch you in the f*****g mouth’.

‘As a result of this threat of violence, the claimant was arrested for a public order offence and cautioned…the officer had a reasonable belief that the claimant would punch him and therefore applied handcuffs to prevent the claimant assaulting him,’ the defence states.

‘As he was applying the handcuffs, the claimant suddenly flung his head backwards in an attempt to head-butt the officer,’ the defence continues, adding that the officer assisted by a PCSO then ‘went to manoeuvre the claimant to the floor to prevent any further injury’.

‘However, the claimant pulled away, lost his balance and fell to the floor hitting his head.’

What we know so far about Cameron McArthur

‘The officer used reasonable and proportionate force. It is denied that the claimant was assaulted.’

Mr McArthur says he ‘sustained head injuries including but not limited to cuts, bruises and concussion. These were caused by the British Transport Police officers beating (me) unconscious.

‘There was a violent assault on (my) person…The assault took place in full view of the public,’ he adds.

On 9 September 2016, Mr McArthur was brought to trial, accused of a public order offence and assaulting a police officer in relation to the incident. However, the case against him was dismissed after no witnesses appeared for the prosecution.

Mr McArthur, however, told her that he was ‘maliciously prosecuted’.

‘The defendant continues to fail to apologise,’ he stated, adding that he wants ‘overall damages in excess of £200,000’.

The case appeared in court for a brief pre-trial hearing and has now adjourned until a later date.

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