Who is MLB Pitcher Rich Hill Wife: Caitlin Hill Biography, Wiki, Age, Personal Life, Husband, Charges and Investigation Reports

Caitlin Hill & Rich Hill
Caitlin Hill & Rich Hill

Caitlin Hill Biography – Wiki

Caitlin Hill is identified as the wife of free-agent pitcher Rich Hill who was arrested along with husband outside Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. on Saturday before the New England Patriots’ game against the Buffalo Bills.

Caitlin Hill Husband

Rich Hill was born in Milton, Mass. He spent the last 3 1/2 seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He married Caitlin, a nurse, in 2007.

Caitlin Hill & Rich Hill Outside Gillette Stadium

The 39-year-old star and his wife were arrested after Caitlin Hill attempted to enter the stadium with an oversized bag and then refused to leave the area when ordered to do so by Foxborough police, the Boston Globe reported Monday.

“She was trying to enter the stadium with an oversized bag and she had been told several times, ‘no’,” Bolger told the Globe. “She tried several times to go to a different gate. She was ordered to leave the property”.

“He saw her as they were trying to get her into a van to bring to the police station, and he started to interfere with the officers”, Bolger continued. “He was told several times to back up and he would not. And he ended up getting arrested”.

The couple were arraigned Monday in Wrentham District Court, where the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office changed the criminal charges into civil infractions, according to the Boston Globe. Rich Hill’s resisting arrest charges was dismissed, and he was ordered to pay a $500 fine for disorderly conduct.

Caitlin Hill & Rich Hill Charged & Arrested

Caitlin Hill was arrested on disorderly conduct and trespassing charges, Foxborough police chief administrator Robert Bolger told the paper.

Her charges were turned into civil infractions and she was ordered to pay a $250 fine for each infraction.


Rich Hill was arrested on disorderly conduct and resisting charges when he tried to stop police from putting his wife into a prisoner transport vehicle in order for her to go to the police station, newspaper was reported.


David Traub, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office, told the Globe it wasn’t unusual to “convert disorderly conduct and trespassing charges in that way”.

An attorney for the couple released a statement regarding their charges later Monday, according to Boston 25 News.



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