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Argentine woman Brenda Barattini cut off Lover’s Gentit*l, Brenda Barattini’s Bio, Wiki, Age, Lover and much more

Brenda Barattini’s Biography

Brenda Barattini is from Cordoba, Argentine.

Brenda Barattini’s Age

Brenda Barattini is 28 Year Old at meanwhile.

Brenda Barattini’s Lover’s Information

Sergio F.

Brenda Barattini’s Wiki

An Argentine woman Brenda Barattini who used a pair of pruning shears to cut off her lover’s genit*ls because she said he showed his friends their homemade s*x tape has been sentenced to 13 years behind bars.

Brenda Barattini’s Apology

Brenda Barattini, 28, apologized in court for the November 2017 revenge attack on her 42-year-old boyfriend in  Cordoba, the reported.

A jury found her guilty of attempted aggravated homicide.

“I ask that justice be done. I have screwed up my life, I want to continue with my

normal life,” Brenda Barattini told the court before her sentencing.

Brenda Barattini, 28, of Argentina was sentenced to 13 years in prison for cutting off her boyfriend’s pen*s. She said she was provoked because he showed his friends their homemade s*x tape. (CEN)

The victim, identified only as “Sergio F,” said he and Brenda Barattini were having s*x when she said she had a surprise for him.

She covered his eyes with a velvet mask and proceeded to cut off 90 percent of his pen*s.

“I felt like I was going to die, I didn’t know she had cut me,” he testified. “I couldn’t see anything. I tried to get up, I pulled up my trousers and grabbed by mobile phone to call an ambulance. I wanted to leave and she started to insult me. She grabbed my t-shirt, my hair, she wouldn’t let me leave.”

Brenda Barattini, an architect, said her lover treated her like a “trophy” and ruined her life when he showed the s*x tape to his friends.

“He violated my intimacy, my life and my career. It ruined everything,” she said.

Brenda Barattini has been dubbed the Argentinean Lorena Bobbitt. Bobbitt, an American, infamously cut off her husband’s pen*s in 1993 with a kitchen knifes.


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