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Claremont Serial Killer Jailed For Life: Bradley Edwards Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Bradley Edwards Biography — Wiki

Bradley Edwards is a Claremont serial killer who was sentenced on Wednesday to at least 40 years in jail for the abduction and murder of two young women. A Perth courtroom erupted in applause when Edwards was sentenced to life in prison.

The city’s longest-running and most complex criminal investigation finally reached its climax 24 years after his crimes were committed. Justice Stephen Hall sentenced Edwards to at least 40 years before he has any chance of parole.

Bradley Edwards Age

Bradley Edwards is 50 years old.

Bradley Edwards jailed for LIFE over the abduction and murder of two young women

Bradley Edwards was found guilty of the murders of Jane Rimmer, 23, and Ciara Glennon, 27, in September after a marathon seven-month judge-alone trial in the Western Australian Supreme Court. However, he was found not guilty of murdering a third woman, Sarah Spiers, 18, as the judge ruled there was not enough evidence.

Ms. Spiers’ body has never been found, but police have vowed to keep searching in the hope of gaining a conviction.

The families of the three women regularly attended the trial and were in court to hear the verdict and sentencing.  The courtroom erupted in applause as the serial killer learned his fate on Wednesday. Edwards did not react to the sentence.

‘There is a high likelihood that you will die in prison… but you committed these offenses as a much younger man,’ Justice Hall told the court as he handed down his sentence.

Justice Hall said Edwards was a ‘dangerous predator who sought out vulnerable young women and attacked them for your own gratification’.

The court heard victim impact statements from two living victims, the mother of one of the living victims and Jane’s mother Jenny.

Justice Hall said Ms. Rimmer and Ms. Glennon ‘no longer have a voice’ after their lives were taken away.

‘They were both young women with family and friends who loved them. They had good jobs and lots to live for,’ he said.

‘By your actions, you not only robbed them of their lives but their hopes, their dreams and the dreams of others for them.’

Perth’s clubbing crowd was stricken with fear at the time of the abductions, as Ms. Rimmer, Ms. Glennon, and Ms. Spiers were taken in quick succession from popular nightspots. Perth residents vividly remember the time of the attacks, and the long period in which the killings went unsolved was an open wound for the whole city.

What we know so far about Bradley Edwards

Rumors abounded for decades over who the killer could be until Edwards was suddenly arrested in 2016.

The Claremont serial killer case is WA’s biggest, longest-running and most expensive criminal investigation.

Edwards, a Telstra technician, remained in custody ever since his arrest.

What else…

Bradley Edwards previously admitted to attacking two other women and raping a 17-year-old girl in 1995. But he denied murdering secretary Ms. Spiers, 18, and childcare worker Ms. Rimmer, 23, in January and June 1996 respectively, and solicitor Ms. Glennon, 27, in March the following year.

Prosecutors relied on DNA evidence collected under Ms. Glennon’s fingertips as she scratched and scrapped for her life.

Also, the key to their case was a match between fibers from Edwards’ car and those found on the bodies of Ms. Rimmer and Ms. Glennon.

Police had long had their sights on the convicted killer – who called himself the ‘bogeyman’ online – but he repeatedly lied to them about his crimes.

Justice Hall took almost three months to consider all the evidence against Edwards, before handing down his verdict.

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