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NYC Waitress Fired Over COVID Vaccine: Bonnie Jacobson Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Bonnie Jacobson

Bonnie Jacobson Brooklyn

Bonnie Jacobson is the NYC waitress who was fired from her job for refusing to get the coronavirus vaccine. She explained to NBC News that while she is not against vaccinations, she wants to wait until more research has been done to determine how the new vaccines may impact fertility and pregnant women.

But since restaurant workers are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines in NY, Jacobson’s boss at the Red Hook Tavern in Brooklyn decided to make getting the vaccine a requirement for employment. Exceptions would be made for those with a documented medical condition or religious reason.

Everything You Need To Know About Bonnie Jacobson

Jacobson Lost Her Job Prior To Pandemic

Jacobson grew up in Massachusetts, according to her Facebook page. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts in 2009, according to her LinkedIn account on which she uses her maiden name. From 2016 to 2019, she worked as an executive consultant for Rodan + Fields, a marketing company that specializes in skincare products.

But in November 2019, Jacobson made a change. She started a new job with The Wing as an assistant general manager. The company was launched as a community and co-working space for “women on their way,” as noted on its Facebook page.

Jacobson lost her job in April 2020 as the pandemic prompted lockdowns and business closures.

Jacobson Worked Part-Time at a Tavern

Jacobson started working at the Red Hook Tavern in August 2020.

She received a message from the restaurant’s management on February 12 informing staff that the coronavirus vaccine would be mandatory for everyone. She said she responded on February 15 and shared that she wanted to wait to get the vaccine until more was known about how it might impact fertility.

Jacobson shared the emailed response she received with Eater New York: “The city has recognized that restaurant workers are essential and at greater risk which is why we have implemented this policy to maintain a safe working environment…”

Jacobson told NBC New York the decision stunned her because she had originally been told the vaccine would be voluntary. “I was like, wow, really? I just worked for you through a pandemic.” Jacobson added that she doesn’t want to take the risk of having to delay having a baby even longer.

Jacobson Says She Doesn’t Want the Job Back

Jacobson is not attempting to get her job at the Red Hook Tavern back. She also insisted in an interview with NBC4 New York that money is not her motivation, either. “I’m not out for a big lawsuit. I’m not out for money,” she told the reporter. “I just think it’s an important story.”

Jacobson has also praised the Red Hook Tavern as having been a positive place to work while she was a waitress. “It’s a good restaurant, the food is excellent, the money is great,” she told the New York Post.

Jacobson added that she planned to “take a minute” for herself rather than start actively looking for another job immediately.

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