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Who is Texas Medical Doctor: Benjamin Okigbo Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Benjamin Okigbo Biography — Wiki

Benjamin Okigbo is a man from Texas who reportedly murdered his wife and also tried to stab his two sons to death before committing suicide. Authorities found the bodies of Benjamin Okigbo and his wife Theresa Okigbo on Friday morning at their home in Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Houston.

Sugar Land police have identified a husband and wife found dead at a Greatwood home on Friday morning.

Benjamin Okigbo killed his wife, attempted to strangle his sons

According to the report, law enforcement officials announced on Saturday that the case was considered murder-suicide. Investigators attempted to murder Benjamin Okigbo fatally strangling Theresa Okigbo and then strangling his two 21-year-old sons.

Both sons survived the attack, and when injured, their injuries are not life-threatening.

According to the TV channel, his sons were taken to a regional hospital by ambulance.

It is believed that Benjamin Okigbo eventually committed suicide by hanging.

What we know so far

The gruesome scene was discovered after a non-resident girl got worried and went home. Not injured.

Someone in the house called 9-1-1 Friday morning around 10 a.m. from the home in the 1500 block of Brookstone Lane.

When the police officers arrived, they found the dead bodies in the couple. Both were reported to be in their 50s.

A neighbor told KHOU-TV that the couple was originally Nigerian but had lived in the residence for nearly 20 years. The neighbor said he had spoken to his wife a few days ago and nothing seemed wrong.

Steven Nelson, who lives downstairs, told KPRC-TV that he was surprised by what happened because the neighborhood was typically quiet. Nelson told the TV station he saw Benjamin Okigbo outside walking his dog.

Authorities say the investigation remains ongoing.

What else…

In a post on Facebook on Friday, the rector of the Epiphany Episcopal Church in Houston reported the deaths to the congregation. The explanation is as follows:

“The causes of grief seem to be multiplying in 2020. I am so sorry to report that I and Theresa Okigbo died at their Sugarland home this morning. His sons, Peter and Paul, were transferred to Memorial Sugarland Hospital but have since been released. They are currently together with their sister Laura, under the supervision of their uncle Ben Okoh. This news is absolutely devastating for our Epiphany family, especially the many Nigerian members whose lives and hearts have been deeply affected by Ben and Theresa. We don’t have good answers, we only have broken hearts to lead to our Lord Jesus. And there is no better place for him to have broken hearts. I assured me and Laura that the Epiphany families were ready to surround them with grace and compassion, and were ready to do whatever we could for these three children, who will now grapple with the loss of two parents. Keep them in your prayers. More information will come as plans are made.”

Many reports online describe Benjamin Okigbo as a medical doctor, but this has not been officially confirmed.

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