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Who is Dolal Idd’s Father: Bayle Gelle Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Bayle Gelle Biography — Wiki

Bayle Gelle is the father of Dolal Idd who died in an exchange of gunfire Wednesday on the city’s south side as the Minneapolis Police Department on Thursday released body camera footage of the shooting death of Idd, the first police killing since George Floyd died during an encounter with officers in May.

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Idd’s father, Bayle Gelle, of Eden Prairie, identified his son as the man shot Wednesday evening at a gas station during a traffic stop for a felony warrant, the Star Tribune reported.

Dolal Idd Age

Dolal Idd was 23 years old at the time of death.

Minneapolis Police Release Body Camera Footage Of Dolal Idd’s Fatal Shooting; Bayle Gelle speaks

Police in Minneapolis have released body camera video on Thursday from a traffic stop that ended with a man shot dead, the city’s first police-involved death since George Floyd died while being restrained by officers in May. Police say 23-year-old Dolal Idd was a suspect in a felony, and that he died in an exchange of gunfire Wednesday on the city’s south side. Officers and initial witnesses say Idd fired at police first, and then officers fired back, killing him. Police did not provide details of the supposed felony.

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo says Idd’s family saw that body camera video first. The department released the clip less than 24 hours after the shooting.

The footage, from one officer’s camera, shows squad cars corner Idd’s white car at about 6:15 p.m. at the Holiday gas station off of East 36th Street and Cedar Avenue. From the officer’s point of view, you’re seeing him point his gun at the car. You can see Idd in the window, then you see the glass blow outwards towards the police.

That’s when officers began firing back at the car. You can hear more than one officer shooting, including the officer wearing the body camera. There was a woman in the car with Idd, but she was not hurt. During a press conference early Thursday evening, Chief Arradondo said the traffic stop was carried out by members of a police-community response team — a longstanding unit that respond to situations such as drug investigations and gun crime.

“Our officers … from our community response team were conducting an investigation based on a weapons investigation, and that resulted in a traffic stop at the 36th and Cedar Avenue Holiday gas station,” Arradondo said.

What we know so far about Dolal Idd and Bayle Gelle

Police only plan to release body cam footage from one officer. The officers involved are on standard leave while the investigation is continuing.

Bayle Gelle, Dolal Idd’s father, showed up at the gas station just before noon with several family members and close friends. His purpose for returning to the gas station, which was open and operating as normal Thursday, was to ask the staff there to release the surveillance footage they have of the shooting.

“We need justice, we need justice,” Gelle said. “They don’t want to give us any answer.”

Gelle says authorities arrived at his Eden Prairie home in the middle of the night, telling him his son had been shot without giving much detail.

“He was just sitting in the car, and bullets were shot at him, and no reason. Why are we here? Because why were they shooting? Because of color. He is a Black man,” Gelle said. “We want to know why my sweet son gets shot and killed.”

The shooting stirred anxiety about renewed protests, seven months after unrest following Floyd’s death. The latest shooting happened about a mile from where Floyd died while being restrained by officers. Arradondo says he quickly released the body camera footage so that the public can see what happened for themselves.

The quick-release of footage, in this case, is the result of a recent policy change that no longer allows officers involved in a shooting to review the footage before writing their reports. For comparison, it took weeks before the body camera footage was released in Floyd’s death.

Police spokesperson John Elder declined Wednesday night to say whether police recovered a gun at the site of the shooting.

However, sources told WCCO that investigators found a gun on the suspect. Elder said no officers were hurt, nor was Idd’s female passenger. Dozens of people gathered at the scene in the hours after the shooting, including some who interrupted Elder and sharply questioned him as he delivered a media briefing.

Dolal Idd GoFundMe

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Idd’s funeral and family support, which has raised over $30,000 out of the $50,000 goal.

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